Justin Robert Young of the Weird Things website talks about unusual items in the world around us. Things he has discussed have varied from an encounter with a drunken space alien to various creatures of the cryptozoology world. This segment occurred on Thursdays until the week of February 6, 2012, when it was moved to Tuesdays partly to remove the harsh transition between Therapy Thursdays and Weird Things.

It's a running joke for Scott to mutate Justin Robert Young's name, and the variations are recorded here.

Main Morning Stream Article

List of Weird Things Articles Used on the ShowEdit

Episode Number Date Article
52 04/12/2011 "Legend Of The Black Eyed Kids"
56 04/28/2011 "Chupacabra Skeleton Under The Floor"
60 05/05/2011 "Was Osama Bin Laden The Same Height As Bigfoot? Yes! Probably!"
64 05/12/2011 "The Alien Who Was Confused For A Drunk Driver"
68 05/19/2011 "The Morganza Snake"
72 05/26/2011 "Putin Does Not Deny The Existence Of Wood Goblins, Yetis"
76 06/02/2011 "Horse Herpes Outbreak Forces Junior Rodeo Queens To Ride Stick Horses"
80 06/09/2011 "Drunken 'Wolfman' Captured In Ohio"
86 06/23/2011 "Video: Japanese Pop Star Comes Out Of The Closet... As A Computer Creation"
100 07/21/2011 "Chinese Man Drinks Gasoline Regularly"
103 07/28/2011 "Concept Car Grown From Cartilage, Creates Own Algae Fuel"
206 02/14/2012 "Wake Up Sheeple! Half Man Half Sheep Hybrid Born in Africa"
210 02/21/2012 "First Test-Tube Hamburger to be Produced in 2012"
217 03/06/2012 "King of the World to Challenge Neptune for Lord of the Sea!"

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