Scott has an expansive affinity for and knowledge of all things Utah and loves to show it. The "Utah Connection" drop-in clip was first played in TMS episode 17.

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Utah ConnectionsEdit

Show Episode Number Date Person or Thing Connection

Connection Made By

The Instance 190 05/22/2010 Team Edward Stephenie Meyer lives in Utah
Cataclysm All the new landscapes look like some part of Utah Randy
TMS 01 01/24/2011 The World's Fastest Indian Set at Salt Lake salt flats
TMS 05 01/31/2011 Browning firearms John Browning
TMS 06 02/01/2011 Caller Alex From Utah
TMS 08 02/03/2011 Stephen King's The Stand Set in Colorado
TMS 09 02/07/2011 Dorito ads One user-submitted ad played during the Super Bowl was made by guys in Utah
TMS 12 02/10/2011 Two-Face from The Dark Knight Aaron Eckhart went to Brigham Young
TMS 13 02/14/2011 Earthquake reported west of Lehi Near where Scott lives
TMS 15 02/16/2011 Woman scammed out of $200k on dating site Woman from Orem, Utah
TMS 16 02/17/2011 LCD Soundsystem Unknown Utah connection
Neon Trees From Utah
Watson beat Ken Jennings Ken Jennings is from Utah
TMS 17 02/21/2011 127 Hours True story occurred in Utah
Caller Jared Evans From Cedar Hills, Utah
David Archuleta From Sandy, Utah
Former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr Arrested in Utah
Artist responsible for UFO sightings In Utah
TMS 19 02/23/2011 Larry King Married someone from Provo
TMS 21 02/28/2011 127 Hours Filmed in Utah
Freezer Burn Winner at Park City Film Festival Brian
TMS 23 03/02/2011 IBM's Watson Ken Jennings is a Utah native
TMS 24 03/03/2011 Man charged in Russian roulette death From Spanish Fork, Utah
TMS 25 03/07/2011 Alice Cooper Lived for a time in Utah
TMS 27 03/09/2011 Mike Starr Died in Salt Lake City
TMS 31 03/16/2011 Manimal Glen A. Larson is a native Utahan
TMS 33 03/21/2011 Capital of tweeters and social networking Utah
Billy Barty Utah midget
TMS 34 03/22/2011 Wilford Brimley Has a ranch in Hurricane, Utah
TMS 35 03/23/2011 Dumb & Dumber Filmed in Salt Lake and Park City
TMS 37 03/28/2011 Lawmakers keep their benefits Utah Legislature
Gentlemen Broncos Written by Jared Hess, who lives in Utah
Big Love Set in Utah
TMS 38 03/29/2011 Elizabeth Smart Kidnapped in Salt Lake
TMS 39 03/30/2011 Troll II Filmed in Utah
KFC First KFC in Salt Lake City
Massachusetts Former governor Mitt Romney is from Utah
TMS 41 04/04/2011 Mitt Romney Family from Utah; popular in Utah; helped the 2002 Winter Olympics be a success
TMS 45 04/11/2011 UFO sighting In Utah
Robert Redford Lives in Sundance, Utah and started the Sundance Film Festival
TMS 46 04/12/2011 Superman Walking through Utah this week
TMS 47 04/13/2011 Mitt Romney Family from Utah
TMS 49 04/18/2011 San Francisco Founded by Utahans
Vegas Founded by Utahans
TMS 50 04/19/2011 Camp Williams In Utah
Bill Murray Used to be part-owner of the Salt Lake Trappers baseball team
TMS 52 04/21/2011 Lost hikers At Zion National Park
Sigourney Weaver Raised in Utah; brother lives in Utah
TMS 53 04/25/2011 Donny & Marie Osmond From Provo, Utah
TMS 54 04/26/2011 Recent study about suicide rates Utah has a high suicide rate
TMS 55 04/27/2011 The Sandlot They go to Lagoon Amusement Park; filmed in Utah
Diaper bag thief In Draper, Utah
TMS 56 04/28/2011 James Woods Born and raised in Towilo, Utah
TMS 57 05/02/2011 Paul Walker Native Utahan
Don Bluth From Utah
TMS 59 05/04/2011 Rob Lowe Went to Sundance Film Festival
TMS 62 05/10/2011 Will it Blend? In Provo
Tracy Hickman Born in Utah
TMS 63 05/11/2011 Seagull State bird
TMS 64 05/12/2011 Mother of twins study University of Utah
TMS 74 05/31/2011 Footloose Filmed in Utah
TMS 75 06/01/2011 Richard Moll from Night Court Born and raised in Ogden, Utah
TMS 76 06/02/2011 Jim McMahon Played at BYU
Horse herpes outbreak Farmington, Utah Justin
TMS 82 06/14/2011 Playboy Club KSL will not air it Scott
TMS 86 06/20/2011 KFC supporting diabetes research KFC franchise in Utah Scott
TMS 87 06/27/2011 Same-sex marriage in New York Became legal on July 24th, which is Utah's statehood day Scott
TMS 88 06/28/2011 Gunman updates facebook status during police standoff Standoff was in Ogden, Utah
TMS 94 07/12/2011 Brian's Vegas trivia trip Ken Jennings (from Utah) in attendance
Elizabeth Smart signed a deal with ABC News Elizabeth Smart is from Utah
Vampire movies Stephenie Meyer lives in Utah
TMS 95 07/13/2011 Tom's complete set of Osmonds cards Donny & Marie are from Utah
Mike Lookinland Lives in Holiday, Utah
Replica "UP" house Built in Utah
TMS 97 07/18/2011 Using a larger fork may help you eat less Research performed at the University of Utah
Former NFL player charged with stealing gas In Utah
TMS 101 07/26/2011 Robert Redford Sundance
TMS 102 07/27/2011 James Woods Grew up in Tooele, Utah Scott
TMS 103 07/28/2011 Artificial heart Research and first implanted in a human performed at University of Utah
TMS 106 08/03/2011 European Vacation Jason Lively lives in Midway, Utah Scott
TMS 108 08/08/2011 Gordon Jump Born and raised in Utah Scott
TMS 109 08/09/2011 Miniskirt Monday In Utah County Scott
TMS 115 08/18/2011 Wheel of Time Finished by Brandon Sanderson, from Utah Scott
TMS 117 08/24/2011 Boy stuck in chimney In Utah Scott
TMS 119 08/29/2011 Fletch Set in Utah Scott
TMS 123 09/05/2011 Caller Andy From Murray, Utah Brian and Scott
TMS 130 09/15/2011 Mummifying pets Summum located in Salt Lake City
TMS 131 09/19/2011 Ender Wiggin Orson Scott Card lives in Utah Scott
TMS 135 09/27/2011 Utah Underwear Run In Utah Scott
TMS 141 10/10/2011 Ryan Gosling Unspecified Scott
TMS 218 03/07/2012 Being Elmo Premiered at Sundance Film Festival
TMS 219 03/08/2012 The Piano Guys Paradise cover Video filmed in Utah
Autopilot 02 04/03/2012 Bonanza "Hoss" guy is from Ogden, Utah Scott

Colorado ConnectionsEdit

Show Episode Number Date Person or Thing Connection Connection Made By
TMS 04 01/27/2011 Ted Haggard From Colorado Springs
TMS 10 02/08/2011 Kip Winger From Denver
TMS 11 02/09/2011 Pregnant woman mistakenly given abortion drug In Colorado
TMS 17 02/21/2011 Caller Luker From Colorado
TMS 20 02/24/2011 Kid arrested for drawing stick figures In Arvada, Colorado
TMS 28 03/10/2011 Obesity stats Lowest in Colorado
TMS 32 03/17/2011 Homefront Set partly in Colorado
TMS 45 04/11/2011 AMC Theaters There are some in Colorado
TMS 54 04/16/2011 Knight-Ridder Information Design Lab In Boulder, Colorado
TMS 87 06/27/2011 Billy the Kid original photo Sold for auction in Denver, Colorado Scott
TMS 103 07/28/2011 Caller Jay From Aurora, Colorado
TMS 108 08/08/2011 Kyle (emailer) In Colorado Brian
TMS 110 08/10/2011 Kobe Bryant sexual assault complaint Allegedly occurred in Colorado Brian
TMS 123 09/05/2011 Caller Anita From Colorado Scott
TMS 130 09/15/2011 Natalie Walker From Colorado Brian
Real-life Weekend at Bernie's In Denver Scott
TMS 136 09/28/2011 Ted Haggard Lives in Colorado Scott
TMS 226 03/21/2012 Man buried alive under pinto beans In Colorado

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