Therapy Thursdays SummaryEdit

Episode Number: 4

Date: 1/27/2011

Subject(s):Video game addiction; Dating (recognizing themes, patterns); defining addiction;

Time: 58:55-1:17:16

Misc. Notes: Live calls!


Episode Number: 8

Date: 2/3/2011

Subject(s): Screaming children causes writer distress

Time: 53:00-1:05:38


Episode Number: 12

Date: 2/10/11

Subject(s): Parent concerned about 15 year old son saying he's suicidal

External links and resources:

Time: 55:00 - 1:10:36

Misc. Notes: Scott's vertigo


Episode Number: 16

Date: 2/17/2011

Subject(s): Follow up email from previous week (finding something to be passionate about); Couple has been married 5 years, she wants kids, he doesn't. How to know if it's time to have kids?

External links and resources: Book: "The War of Art"

Time: 57:56 - 1:18:39

Misc. Notes:

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