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Reggie Batusic and Dana Vagg host this show about William Shakespeare's work. Each episode features 3 readings of one of Shakespeare's sonnets: a blank reading, an exaggerated reading (to discover tone), and an interpreted reading. Each week there's a different guest on the show.

The Shakespeare Sound Episode ListEdit

Episode Number Title Date Show Notes
1 Welcome One and All, come heare a sonnet! Welcome to the SHAKESPEARE SOUND! For our inaugural show, we're playing with SONNET 17 which begins, "Who will believe my verse in time to come..." Please, sit back and enjoy!
2 The Sound of Youth Episode 2 features SONNET 37 which begins, "As a decrepit father takes delight..." But don't let the first line fool ya, you'll take delight, too!
3 Day & Night It's a conspiracy! Today we experiment with SONNET 28, "How can I then return in happy plight..."
4 For a Friend SONNET 18 - Oh, you know this one! The one that begins, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" Uh huh, thought so.
5 Loving Lies A poem many lovers can relate to, SONNET 138 is a playful one!
6 F-Words You know...Favor, Fortune, Fair, Forgot...THOSE f-words. SONNET 25 is fabulous fun for family or friends.
7 Love > Time SONNET 115 - wherein Love triumphs over Time, AGAIN!
8 The Last Beauty SONNET 104 - Shakespeare's calling us all UGLY. Listen and hear for yourself!
8.5 Tick Tock SONNET 12 - Featuring Guest Voice, Cassandra Nwokah - directed by Dana, encouraged by Reggie
9 Whoa, Woes! After a short hiatus, we are back with SONNET 30 in remembrance of our dear friend and mentor.
9.5 Self-Portrait We explore the ins and outs of SONNET 16, with friend and Guest Voice, Anthony Panzica.
10 Defying Space & Time If the thoughts in SONNET 44 were possible, oh the places we could be!
10.5 Giddyup SONNET 50 has us galloping with 10 year old Guest Voice, Jared Bowman.
11 Wretched Without You In SONNET 91, Shakespeare sums up in just fourteen little lines how we've all felt at one time or another about someone special.
12 Wind & Fire SONNET 45 leaves us wanting Wind and Fire. Oh yes, it does.
12.5 Old Words New Guest Voice, Renee Valentine, sums up Shakespeare's sentiment in SONNET 76 with three little ones of her own.
13 At War With Time We just love SONNET 15. And so do soccer moms.
13.5 O Beautiful Black Ink Guest Voice, Jay Valentine, discovers in SONNET 65 that silly ol' Time's got nothin' on the all mighty pen!
14 Winter Woe And, we're back! Tis the season for sniffles, snow and SONNET 97! Grab your tissues, blankey and enjoy.
15 Fool For Love This sonnet, #57, was the genesis of The Shakespeare Sound. We hope it delights!
16 Ruminate on This Leave it to Shakespeare to put things bluntly. SONNET 64 gives us a cold blast of reality.
17 I'm Really Really Sorry Dana faces her fears with SONNET 110, and validates for Reggie that "the system works!"
18 Unrequited Love Sighs At the request of our new friend in Belgium, we bring you SONNET 61 with a hopeful reminder, "There are lots of fish in the sea!"
19 Reading the Stars Not even Shakespeare could have prognosticated that we'd be doing his SONNET 14 and sharing it around the world via contraptions called 'computers.'
20 Feast for the Eyes & Heart Back at it, albeit a little rusty, we enthusiastically bring you SONNET 47! We hope it will have been worth the wait. If not, well, there's always next week. Happy listening!
21 Your Beauty = Me Speechless Despite getting a little sidetracked on the musical sound of some words, we hope you enjoy a glimpse into the history of sonneteering that SONNET 106 provides us.
22 Wouldn't Change A Thing Reggie runs Dana through the ringer to get SONNET 29 right. But for Will Shakespeare's birthday, it was worth it. Happy Belated Birthday, Master Shakespeare!
23 That Marriage One SONNET 116, often used in wedding ceremonies, has Reggie and Dana talking about same-sex marriages, Twilight, and Song of the South. Why? Good question.
23.5 My Poetry Is Better Than Your Poetry It's been awhile since our last guest episode, but boy was it worth the wait! Randy Jordan joins Reggie and Dana for SONNET 130 and discovers spicy freshness in a sonnet he thought he knew.
24 Me, Myself & Thy SONNET 62, where wrinkles don't mean a thing! And, despite the chubby, little rain cloud that's been following us around this past year, interrupting our regular postings of The Shakespeare Sound and causing Reggie's recent arm breakage, we've discovered that a little rainfall now and again keeps life interesting - if not refreshing! Here's hoping after a lengthy delay you find our most recent episode (featuring a better-to-hear-Reggie and a harder-to-hear-Dana) almost as refreshing as Reggie finds each new ice pack on his shoulder!
24.5 A Touch of Music What's better than a Shakespearean sonnet? Spending time reading one with a fine friend, lovely lady, awesome mom, and fellow techno/theatre geek like Anna Hurst - duh! SONNET 128 is saucy and sensual already, but add the positive energy of this great gal and it's absolutely sensational! We hope you enjoy!
25 Tune Your Lute My oh my! It's Episode 25! Dust off your lute and follow along with SONNET 8 - another one where Shakey encourages procreate'n!
25.5 No Gloom in this Doom SONNET 55 is the text, William "Willie Dills" Gregory is the talent, Reggie and Dana are just a couple of fanatic folks along for the ride!
26 True Love? Keep it Real. 9/29/2011 Back at it on Reggie's big 40th b-day with SONNET 21. This one has Shakespeare expressing some attitude towards a rival poet he finds disingenuous. Ya see, Shakey's all about keeping it real, keeping it simple. There's no comparison.
27 You're Groovy - Reproduce Already! 10/17/2011 Thank goodness 40 isn't what it used to be - OLD! Sheesh! As if pressure from family isn't enough, Shakespeare is hounding us in SONNET 2 from over 400 years in the past! But it's a sentimental encouragement and who doesn't appreciate those?

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