The Tadpool is a nickname for the chatroom that goes on when various Frogpants podcasts are recording live.

The nickname was coined by Scott Johnson during an early episode of The Morning Stream and is most often used to refer to chatters who frequent the IRC channel during that show. The name spawned from the name of Scott's studio - Frogpants. IRC chatters are like tadpoles in the great Frogpants pool, hence The Tadpool. The Tadpool Facebook group was created by Iyagovos on June 26th, 2011 and is constantly adding new members.


Much like the Frogpants podcasts, The Tadpool has developed its own memes, inside jokes and culture. Here are some examples:

  • It's customary to greet everyone when entering The Tadpool and role play, 1)hugs, 2)sharing bacon, 3)throwing bricks of love.
  • It's also customary to greet the hosts and show guests in chat, even if they aren't in the chat themselves.
  • During Darrell The Trek Nerd's segment on TMS, the Tadpool places bets on how long it will take Darrell to answer the question. Darrell often delays with Trek birthdays and trivia. The Tadpole who guesses closest to the actual time is declared the winner!

How to ParticipateEdit

Ways to participate in Frogpants Podcasts and The Tadpool:

Tadpool Facebook Group Facebook

Put a name to the chat nicks

TMS Bingo

The Tadmap

Tadpool Google+ page

Tadpool Reddit

Tadpool Steam Community

TMS voice mail (801) 471-0462 or Skype: myextralife

Tadpool IRC stats courtesty of RandomSort:

The amazing LesleyHayes4 has compiled many of Scott and Brian's funny faces from the TMS feed.obsidianobelisk has also started a blog of Brian's faces from the feed.

TMS Face 081111

-Co-host Scott Johnson will sometimes freeze the feed while he's making a funny face just before cutting it off. The Tadpool often screencaptures these faces. Screencap by Emmanuel Croft

TMS Face 081111 mashup

-Scott's faces are often used to create photomashups which are posted to The Tadpool Facebook group and in IRC chat. Mashup by Mike Sherman

Ibbott photobomb

-Co-host Brian Ibbott is an expert photo-bomber and The Tadpool is always on the lookout for these pictures. Photo by Scott Fletcher. From left to right, Andreas Ekberg, Brian Ibbott and Scott Fletcher.

Ibbott mashup by ironic

-Brian's photobombs are often used to create photomashups which are posted to The Tadpool Facebook group and in IRC chat. Mashup by Emmanuel Croft

Boothman by ironic

-Scott began referring to Brian mysteriously as "the man in the booth" on episode 1 of TMS. The nickname stuck and The Tadpool has created many depictions of Brian in his tiny recording booth. Boothman by Emmanuel Croft

Tadpool montage by b4tankgirl

b4tankgirl's depiction of the mystical tadpool