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Darrell the TrekNerd

Stump a Trek Nerd is a regular show segment on The Morning Stream. Scott calls Darrell, then asks him a Star Trek-related question that either has four possible answers or is true-false. Darrell answers the question (usually after some stalling), and Scott plays either the Scott Fletcher 'Congratulations!' soundclip if he's correct, or 'Pro-Boner' if he was wrong.

Initially the Star Trek question were about all things Star Trek, but after several questions about Star Trek series that Darrell didn't know anything about, the questions became focused on "The Original Series" and "The Next Generation."

Tadpool betting Edit

Because of Darrell's tendency to stall or otherwise avoid answering the question for several minutes, the Tadpool places bets in the chatroom on how long they think Darrell will take to answer the question. The time begins after Scott finishes saying the possible choices, and ends when Darrell makes his decision. Anyone in the tadpool can announce their guess in any format they choose. Either Larannis or Zaggy will determine the closest guess out of everyones' guesses, and the winner is announced in the chatroom. The 'prize' is a Morning Stream sticker.

Good guesses tend to be between 2:30 and 3:30, although he's answered the question in under 5 seconds at least three times in the past, and he's taken over 5 minutes at least once.

Ending the segment Edit

After Darrell answers the question, and Scott talks to Darrell about anything he's up to, Scott will hang up on Darrell in the middle of what he's talking about. Darrell is getting wise to this, though, and will sometimes pre-emptively say something funny or make jibberish sounds when he thinks Scott will hang up. Darrell is the only guest on TMS that Scott will consistently hang up on. To switch things up, Darrell will now read a Star Trek quote and Scott & Brian attempt to guess which character said it.

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