Scott Fletcher is the Voice of the Frogpants Network. The Morning Stream plays many soundbites from Mr. Fletcher that relate to the show. Here is a list of quotes used in TMS. They are played in multiple episodes and sometimes appear on other Frogpants shows.


A delicious part of your nutritious breakfast. This is The Morning Stream!

A ticking time bomb spells trouble for Scott and Brian! This is The Morning Stream.

Battle-tested bayonettes, bro!

Better than a strawberry poptart blowtorch! This is The Morning Stream!

I drink to quiet the voices in my head

I'm on a drug, and it's called The Morning Stream!

I'm Scott Fletcher, and I am the spirit of dark and lonely waters. This is the Morning Stream!

It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend.

Mountain grown for richer flavor. The Morning Stream!

Now it's here. A new force at breakfast. This is the Morning Stream!

The Morning Stream. No matter what fortune cookies say, it is not better "in bed"!

The Morning Stream! One! Two! Three! Licks to get to the center

The Morning Stream! We are the 3.1415926535897932 percent occupying Wal-Mart at 3AM in our pajamas, leaning over our shopping carts as we walk with too many items in the 10 items or less lane. What is wrong with us?!

The Morning Stream! Where something funny funny funny snark snarky snark.

The Morning Stream, with power and performance that gives you safer control in your driving style.

The Morning Stream - you have the right to kill it but you do not have the right to judge it.

The sensation of Europe, now made in America by Samsonite! This is the Morning Stream!

The soundtrack to your morning facial kegel exercises. This is The Morning Stream!

We call that the Gorbachev!


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