This meme originated with Film Sack episode 73. In this episode, Randy Jordan says to Scott: "Your math is always quite funny. ... From one show to the next, there's always a math bit." This is also the episode where the soundboard clip "Scott does math!" originated.

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Things Scott DoesEdit

Show Episode Number Date What Scott Does Challenging endeavor
Film Sack 73 05/05/2011 Math Calculating Clint Eastwood's age
TMS 63 05/11/2011 Math Converting months to years
TMS 63 05/11/2011 Math Calculating Darrell's score
TMS 64 05/12/2011 Math Calculating Darrell's score
TMS 75 06/01/2011 Math Calculating René Auberjonois's age when DC started publishing comics
TMS 76 06/02/2011 Math Estimating how long ago he walked the dog
TMS 76 06/02/2011 Math Calculating Darrell's weekly score
TMS 76 06/02/2011 Names Confusing Jim McMahon and Vince McMahon
TMS 76 06/02/2011 Brian and Scott do geography Trying to determine what state "MI" is
TMS 78 06/07/2011 Foreign words Talking about French reactions to sex scandals
TMS 79 06/08/2011 French Mangling the French language
TMS 81 06/13/2011 Math Determining how long it takes to do 100 weekly podcasts
TMS 82 06/14/2011 Reads songs Pronouncing "Danke Schoen"
TMS 84 06/21/2011 Ships Trying to pronounce USS Valdemar and USS Valiant
TMS 86 06/23/2011 Scott reads correctly Reading "pitted plant"
TMS 88 06/28/2011 Math Saying it's 90º with a heat index of 72º
TMS 89 07/04/2011 Google Plus Forming a hangout with Brian
TMS 90 07/05/2011 Names Confusing Nick McKinney and Chris Renshaw, saying "Nick Crenshaw"
TMS 95 07/13/2011 Roman numerals Reading the Stump a Trek Nerd trivia question
TMS 98 07/19/2011 Computers Adding Darrell's new number to the Skype call
TMS 101 07/26/2011 Math Calculating Darrell's score
TMS 103 07/28/2011 Math Calculating Wil Wheaton's age
TMS 204 02/09/2012 Time zones

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