A running joke on The Morning Stream is the idea that people will be angered enough by a single statement to go to iTunes and leave a one-star review. Here's a list of many of the individuals and groups that Brian and Scott have imagined inciting to leave bad reviews.

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In episode 62 of The Morning Stream, Scott talks about somebody who gave the show a one-star review for Scott's opinions about the death of Osama bin Laden, as the listener perceived them.

In episode 73, Scott revisited this, starting the meme and then stating that "I just want to make the point that just because you hear one tiny morsel of information that you may disagree with doesn't mean that you have to flame out, leave one-star reviews, be pissy on comment threads, and explode on the Internet. I'm just trying to encourage and foster open communication, the ability for differing views to come together and decide where they may have some common ground and discuss where they don't and not be dicks!"

One-star reviews from...Edit

Episode Number Date One-star reviews from... Said by
73 05/30/2011 someone saying Scott is sympathetic to terrorism Scott
Italians Scott
liberals who don't like that Scott's reading Scott
Apaches Scott
Jimmy Dean Brian
little people Scott
87 06/27/2011 Gay-haters Scott
88 06/28/2011 People in Texas and Alaska Scott
A woman Scott
90 07/05/2011 Pro-drug users and doctors and another douch from the AIE community Scott and Brian
104 09/01/2011 Douchebag in Indiana Brian
106 08/03/2011 People who don't like PSAs Scott
Cringer Brian
115 08/18/2011 Patrick Stewart Brian
Jonathan Frakes Scott
117 08/24/2011 Panther pants Scott
Dan Trachtenberg Brian
120 08/30/2011 [Mormon] separatists Scott
Child rapists Brian
123 09/05/2011 Scientologists Scott
People with no power Scott
125 09/07/2011 People who are mad at me for comparing Burning Man with Juggalos Scott
127 09/12/2011 Jack Thomson Scott
128 09/13/2011 Philip Morris Brian
129 09/14/2011 People in China Scott
The Cleveland Steamer Company Brian
Portia de Rossi Scott
Jennifer Aniston Brian
131 09/19/2011 Carol Channing Brian
133 09/22/2011 Fitness nerds Scott
Bill Doran Brian
136 09/28/2011 Lateral thinkers Scott
People who can't [remember to follow the hosts on G+] Scott
139 10/05/2011 People who died from listeria Scott
140 10/06/2011 On Steve Jobs' iTunes from people who don't like Steve Jobs Scott
144 10/17/2011 Asian people who are demons Brian and Scott
147 10/20/2011 PC laptops Brian
149 10/25/2011 "a-nother" one-star review from Jeff Probst Brian
154 11/02/2011 Jennifer Aniston, or fans thereof Brian and Scott
166 11/30/2011 Patrick Beja Brian
167 12/01/2011 every actor who's ever been in a John Hughes film Brian
170 12/07/2011 coaches and pedophiles Brian
177 12/20/2011 "Brian Austin Green" Brian
185 01/05/2012 everyone involved Darrell and Scott
189 01/12/2012 Carrie Fisher Brian
194 01/23/2012 the entire city of Seattle Brian
200 02/02/2012 Scott's brother Brian
D&D players Brian and Scott
204 02/09/2012 Bob Barker
205 02/13/2012 Joan Rivers Brian
Native Americans
Blue Man Group
206 02/14/2012 ? [around 26:00]
210 02/21/2012 Sarah Jessica Parker
218 03/07/2012 Wilford Brimley Brian
227 03/22/2012 Dave Bolton or Dave from Bolton, England Brian

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