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Matthew Peterson is co-host of Critical Hit on the Frogpants Network. He is a Contributing Editor to Major Spoilers and co-host of the Major Spoilers Podcast. Matthew enjoys comic books, the detritus of pop culture, them thar Intarwebs, professional wrestling, mid-70′s muscle cars, and has a special fondness for speaking in the third person. He lives at home with his wife Stacy, and daughter Molly Elisabeth, who can now read (making the presence of certain adult publications dicey), can identify a couple dozen heroes, including Saturn Girl and The Question, and recently learned the lyrics to ‘The Music Meister.’ He both works at and purchases his comics from Gatekeeper Hobbies (Huntoon and Gage, Topeka!)the finest comic store extant in the wilds of Northeast Kansas. (It should be noted that Matthew initially secured this job by listing “Knows The Legion Of Super-Heroes members in joining order, including real name and planet of origin” on his resume.)

Matthew has enjoyed a career path that includes work in radio, television, telecommunications, government consulting, retailing, marketing, acting as a knife throwers’ target, bartending, and an ill-fated weekend as a male stripper, and is currently an ineffectual middle-management suckup at a local inbound call center. Having painlessly entered his forties, Matthew is still breathlessly awaiting the time when the career fairy will brain him with her wand and show him what he wants to be when he grows up. (Here’s hoping for “Secret Agent!”)

You can read all of Matthew’s Major Spoilers articles here.

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