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Episode Number Date Run Time Episode Name Show Notes Guests
1 0:43:20 Beware the Lunar Molemen Well we did it. Scott Johnson and I have been circling around a podcast idea for awhile, and we finally have pulled it off. Welcome to FourCast, a monthly podcast of predictions. Every episode we'll have two guests on to go through short term, long term, and crazy predictions about what this crazy old world has in store for us. It'sreally just an excuse for us to sit and talk with interesting smart people and share the results with you.

We're proud to have Len Peralta of JawBone Radio and Monsters By Mail, and Veronica Belmont of Tekzilla and Qore as our first victims, er, guests. This episode was a blast, dealing with the end of the world, the terraforming of Mars, and of course, MoleMen.

Len Peralta

Veronica Belmont

2 0:48:00 Water Wars For our next trick, Scott and I got Leo Laporte of TWiT fame, and Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback to square off with their visions of the future. You may think Leo is the optimist, but you'd be wrong. Witness the title of our episode. It was Jim that has the rosier view of the future. Including the chance for all of us to someday become Ashton Kutcher.

Leo Laporte

Jim Louderback

3 0:41:35 Superheroes at play in domed cities This time on FourCast, comic, movie, and TV writer Gerry Conway and podcaster Brian Ibbott predict a world brimming with superheroes, domed cities and RPGs based on your trip to the grocery store.

Gerry Conway

Brian Ibbott

4 0:35:26 The Machine President Sits Alone This time we are blessed with two musicians whom we are both fans of. Jonathan Coulton, known best for his Code Monkey and zombie songs, and MC Frontalot, known best, apparently for his back trouble int he nerdcore documentary but really for his amazing nerd rap prowess. We discuss their visions of synthetic life, machine-led government, nanobots and the amazing growth of our brains. Or will we have brains in the future?

Jonathan Coulton

MC Frontalot

5 0:21:50 Goodbye journalism and game consoles We're doing things a little differently this time. We had so much good conversation this time around, that we're pbreaking the show into three parts. Part one of the prediction extravaganza with Scott Kurtz and Jeff Cannata sees us discuss the end of journalism as we know it and ponder a world with one game console platform.

Jeff Cannata

Scott Kurtz

6 11/6/2009 0:22:50 America gives way to the first virtual nation In part two of our conversation with Jeff Cannata and Scott Kurtz, it's time for the long term predictions. We discuss the decline of America and the potential rise of virtual nations.

Jeff Cannata

Scott Kurtz

7 11/6/2009 0:30:36 Omega Point steals our gender The final part of our conversation with Jeff Cannata and Scott Kurtz covers the final simulation of everything and the elimination of all genders. Or does it? In fact, it does.

Jeff Cannata

Scott Kurtz

8 11/21/2009 0:22:51 Plug memory into your vidphone We are well chuffed, as the Brits say, to have Paul and Storm of Paul and Storm join us to give their short term predictions which involve the ability to store your memories on thumb drives and the final arrival of those video phones we all want. Paul and Storm
9 12/4/2009 0:21:36 Smart dogs at the robot army stadium Paul and Storm are back for the second of three conversations. This time we get their long term predictions and it already gets a little crazy ass, even though that's supposed to be saved for part three. Find out why intelligent dogs will pay good money to watch old fashioned robots try to kill each other. Paul and Storm
10 12/10/2009 0:28:26 We are all made of stars In our final installment with Paul and Storm, we discuss the future of humanity. One way or another we'll make it to space say Paul and Storm of Paul and Storm on this episode. Their crazy ass predictions have us either as non-corporeal energy, peacefully floating through our existence, or mad killing machines mowing down alien civilizations. Either way, the future is bright. Paul and Storm
11 12/18/2009 0:30:41 2012 won't happen Dr. Kiki predicts 2012 won't happen, but who knows if that's good as we're running out of water and the world may be in worse shape by the end of the century anyway. But hey, no mass death!
12 12/18/2009 0:28:44 Hold on, my oil is peaking So we debate whether we'll hit peak oil or not, but we'll all have chips in our brains, so it's cool. Unless that's just the government-run simulation being piped into my chip that's telling me it's cool. Oh the huge manatee!
13 12/30/2009 0:29:39 All the best robots have Chinese eyes In this episode we learn that the human race will one day all be born blind, but in the meantime our robot slaves will explore the universe and come back to find.... you'll just have to listen, now, won't you
14 1/14/2010 0:25:55 Attack of the 3D clones Psychology professor Dave Brodbeck and Totally Rad Show's Dan Trachtenberg join us to predict the advent of cloning and 3D movie domination.

Dave Brodbeck

Dan Trachtenberg

15 0:29:07 Walk it out, don't talk it out Dan Trachtenberg and Dave Brodbeck are back to talk about how we will one day have moving sidewalks and pills for every mental illness.

Dave Brodbeck

Dan Trachtenberg

16 0:33:07 We are the homebound aliens Dave Brodbeck and Dan Trachtenberg join us again to predict how we will travel the stars and become the aliens, or we just will never leave Earth and explore the universe of our minds.

Dave Brodbeck

Dan Trachtenberg

17 2/2/2010 0:24:04 Cloudy skies for the President Colleen from TWiT and Molly Wood from CNET join us and predict the rise of the Internet cloud and the end of Obama's reign. Also we had a last minute ad change, so yeah, the ad sounds different. That's because it's FROM THE FUTURE!

Colleen Kelly

Molly Wood

18 1/29/2010 0:31:00 Grow your meat not your baby Colleen and Molly join us with some more provocative predictions. Will we grow our own meat? Will having babies become uncool? Yes. But find out why!

Colleen Kelly

Molly Wood

19 2/2/2010 0:25:58 Put on your body and run from the goo In our last episode with Colleen and Molly we learn that someday we'll have replaceable bodies but they'll help us run from the nanocytes trying to kill us.

Colleen Kelly

Molly Wood

20 2/20/2010 0:24:08 More power for the All Will we finally switch to nuclear power? Will AI finally come true? Find out from Patrick Beja and Stephen Schleicher on this episode.

Patrick Beja

Stephen Schleicher

21 3/4/2010 0:27:11 It's war! Or Not! Stephen predicts we won't advance really that far at all in the next 100 years, and we'll all be at each others throats. Patrick thinks we'll see the end of major wars. Hippie.

Patrick Beja

Stephen Schleicher

22 3/11/2010 0:25:20 Neighborly robots powered by a sun Patrick thinks robots will become just regular folks, but their own nation. Stephen thinks we'll power everything including the robots with a sun. Not solar. A sun. A small one.

Patrick Beja

Stephen Schleicher

23 3/19/2010 0:32:56 More toasters, less paper Brian Dunaway and Eric Van Skyhawk join us to talk about how the recession means better appliances and technology means no more physical goods.

Brian Dunaway

Eric Van Skyhawk

24 3/26/2010 0:26:54 You're doing it wrong Brian and Eric figure out lots of ways society will start wars, but thankfully we'll be able to escape to space.

Brian Dunaway

Eric Van Skyhawk

25 4/1/2010 0:25:35 Time and atoms We discuss the nature of time and the possibility of making atoms from scratch.

Brian Dunaway

Eric Van Skyhawk

26 4/8/2010 0:26:26 Hope and fear from the children Marc and Nicole Spagnuolo join us to talk about how someday education will be much improved by technology but then we'll all know when we're going to die from biotech advances.

Marc Spagnuolo

Nicole Spagnuolo

27 4/16/2010 0:30:01 Turn on the picture frame it's time for class We talk with Marc and Nicole Spagnuolo about the future of education moving into a virtual world and how woodworking and smart paint will lead to better displays.

Marc Spagnuolo

Nicole Spagnuolo

28 4/20/2010 0:31:58 Lost your mind? Marc and Nicole Spagnuolo join us to chat about downloading knowledge right into your brain, and how in the future humans may lose a part of our bodies. Hopefully not our brain.

Marc Spagnuolo

Nicole Spagnuolo

29 4/30/2010 0:30:37 Let's get connected Will increased communication help, harm, or do nothing to make the world a better place? Roger Chang and Scott Fletcher help us figure out these and other burning questions of the future. Roger Chang Scott Fletcher
30 5/6/2010 0:30:37 No war for dead celebs Roger Chang and Scott Fletcher join us again to tell us how we'll do more with fewer accents while fighting one last war.

Roger Chang

Scott Fletcher

31 5/14/2010 0:27:02 Baby hates Vegas, genetically Roger Chang and Scott Fletcher tell us why tailor-made newborns fear the forbidden lands around Las Vegas, the last outpost of humanity.

Roger Chang

Scott Fletcher

32 5/23/2010 0:24:11 Paperless or people-less Our wives join us on this episode! Kim Johnson thinks we'll finally go paperless soon, but Eileen Rivera thinks it won't be soon enough, because we all die in 2012.

Kim Johnson

Eileen Rivera

33 5/28/2010 0:25:58 Food and money not necessary Scott and Tom's wives are back! Kim predicts we'll get replicators to make our food, and Eileen says we'll eliminate the need for money.

Kim Johnson

Eileen Rivera

34 6/4/2010 0:27:46 The ravages of Mother Nature and Miley Cyrus If Miley Cyrus wins an award on a depopulated Earth, will anybody cheer? It's the last of our episodes with our wives, Kim Johnson and Eileen Rivera.

Kim Johnson

Eileen Rivera

35 6/11/2010 0:26:38 Drive home to the theater Kristin thinks we'll get movies streamed directly to our house, which means we'll save even more money by not driving the awesome diesel car Patrick predicted.

Kristin Brandt

Patrick Norton

36 6/18/2010 0:29:51 Pass the CHON, Mom! We talk molecularly replicated food, as well as Patrick predicting skulljacking and Kristin running away to her off the grid home to eat local food.

Kristin Brandt

Patrick Norton

37 6/25/2010 0:21:37 Hairless efficiency Kristin and Patrick thinks/hope we'll lose all our hair and our desire for Americans to consume without limits.

Kristin Brandt

Patrick Norton

38 Sing along with the Singularity While we have a lot of fun worrying about self-driving cars, it's really the singularity we should be worried about. Justin Robert Young pretty much beleieves it will be disaster, while Brian Brushwood has a rosier vision.

Justin Robert Young

Brian Brushwood

39 House of trash George and Ayleen from Toy Break let us know that everything's going wireless, and magazines are on the way out. So we'll build old houses out of old wires and magazines!. But it's OK we can all give each other simple toys for whatever holiday today is.

George Gaspar

Ayleen Gaspar

40 Apple is the chigger of tech companies Jason Howell of and Darren Kitchen of Hak5, reveal a future world we all can look forward to. Among the solid state drives and USB appendages we discover the similarity between Apple and the itchy pest, chiggers.

Jason Howell

Darren Kitchen

41 Goodbye to our bodies Paul Zak, the oxytocin doctor and Andrew Mayne of take us on a journey that defies gravity, leaves our bodies behind and essentially eliminates humanity. In a good way.

Paul Zak

Andrew Mayne

42 It's a Dune Dune Dune Dune world No matter what we predict in this episode we find it all leads back to Dune... and the Space Amish. Thanks to Zadi Diaz and Casey McKinnon for joining us!

Zadi Diaz

Casey McKinnon

43 Don't insert animals there Sarah Lane and David Prager will give us words of wisdom on candy-coated humans, the Gross Domestic Happiness quotient, and one language to rule them all.

Sarah Lane

David Prager

44 Humanity is saved! We get predictions from Heather Gold and Shannon Morse about body mods, Presidential elections and the survival of humanity.

Heather Gold

Shannon Morse

45 Whale Wars RogueTess and Amanda French join us as we ditch copyright, public libraries and traditional narrative but embrace mutations. But don't worry, time is running out. Literally.


Amanda French

46 8/31/2010 SGT Zapata regrows an arm Mare Swallow and Chris Christensen join us to talk why teleportation works for dead cats and we'll pick a job for you but it won't be in self-help.

Mare Swallow

Chris Christensen

47 9/13/2010 Don't steal my arm Neha Tiwari and Dick Debartolo join us to predict better airlines, stain-resistnat clothing, and pay-bay-arm transactions.

Neha Tiwari

Dick Debartolo

48 9/21/2010 The Great Seawall of Atlantica Wireless brains, boundless energy and virtual religion all in the futures of Terry Michael of WCPJ and Scott McGrew of NBC.

Terry Michael

Scott McGrew

49 9/28/2010 Moop-A-Chicka-Wow-Wow Stephen Johnson (darthweef) and Aric Mellott (phatemokid) join us to predict cures, bedbugs and Utopias.

Stephen Johnson

Aric Mellott

50 10/5/2010 Rise of the Dolphoctopus Amy Elk and David Malki join us as we solve cancer, money and discover why the small humans will win.

Amy Elk

David Malki

51 10/12/2010 Planet Of The 1990s Disease Annalee Newitz of and Dan Patterson from help us learn that cheap tech saves us all while our lungs are infected by solar cells.

Annalee Newitz

Dan Patterson

52 10/19/2010 Subscribe To The Perfect Memory Fighting the intelligence gap, ending the judicial system, and more.

Denise Howell

Iyaz Akhtar

53 10/26/2010 BBQ on Mars Looking forward to an alliance of space colonies rebelling against their BBQ-hating overlords.

Phil Plait

Nick McKinney

54 11/2/2010 The Bug People Will Inherit The Earth Unicorns at the bottom of the sea, level 3 civilizations, organs in jars, and more.

Tucker Hiatt

Adam Christianson

55 11/8/2010 Giraffe Burger To Go, Please No more borders, but we will have a civil war and we'll be saved by alien cyclopicorns.

Nicole Lee

Ron Loupe

56 11/15/2010 What Would Blue-Jay Do? The wild turkey shoot is coming to a big city near you, and you'll be able to literally share your memories of the event.

Kris Straub

Sharon Stiteler

57 11/22/2010 Vote Arsonist! We will be burning everything down and creating artificial consciousness, resulting in self-aware fire-robots.

Jon Strickland

Owen JJ Stone

58 11/29/2010 It's All A Simulization Dogs talk while we use our networked brains to chat with artificial sentient life on the bottom of the ocean.

Nate Lanxon

Mark Turpin

59 12/7/2010 Holodeck Full Of Tuba Rock Deciding which brain-machine interface to use for immortality: organic, mechanical or virtual.

Simone Davalos

Scott Wilkinson

60 12/13/2010 Spray-on Shopping With Cher Our mems-pants we downloaded while VR-shopping can change colors with the situation but can't save us from destruction.

Jeri Ellsworth

Christina Warren

61 12/21/2010 Government Is Soylent Green Democracy through Farmville, chip implants for nutrition advice, and more.

Corrinne Lewis

Roger Altizer

62 1/3/2011 Goober Great! Seth Rogen's future, landfill rage, and the greatest peanut butter combination of all time.

Andy Beach

Nick Kanel

63 1/17/2011 Nanite-Controlled Algorithms For Better Living Life will be sweet when algorithms govern our social lives and body bugs govern our biology.

Lisa Katayama

Wendi Dunford

64 1/25/2011 Infinity Is Freaking Huge Brain hacking will be easier when we're always connected to the Net to watch live coverage of state secessions.

Andrew Hoover

Derrick Chen

65 2/1/2011 Gold-Backed Data Currency Hot swap your organs without interrupting the WiFi in your brain, and bad news is consolidated at MySpoo.

Glenn Rubenstein

Randall Bennett

66 2/7/2011 Robot Sugar In our parochial future filled with pirates, robots will tolerate us while Scott pole-dances under the name Robot Sugar.

J. Sperling Reich

Kevin Purdy

67 2/14/2011 Goodbye Governments, Hello Science War In our future, there will be no governments, only science wars.

Hosts: Kim Johnson and Eileen Rivera

Guests: Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson

68 2/28/2011 Global Harmony Meets The Multiverse The rise of citizen scientists who record their life will lead us to global harmony on Mars.

Ariel Waldman

David Kirkpatrick

69 3/7/2011 We Are All X-men We learn to love the mole men, throw out our DVDs and break up into small countries.

Ron Richards

Scott Budman

70 3/21/2011 The Future Is Unclear Our guests have good reasons for having hazy future predictions. But the crazy? They bring the crazy.

Magnus Hjert

Leri Greer

71 3/28/2011 To The Caves! We’re headed to the gold standard, going bankrupt, losing our faith in science and we’ll lose the world to the slime molds anyway.

Jonathon Keats

Brett Rounsaville

72 4/4/2011 We Are The Mole Men Hollywood won't stop making comic book movies, but we will stop talking to teach other in our ultraseats. But it will all happen underground.

Mark Milian

Peter Ha

73 4/11/2011 You Died Of Spacsyntery The proxy war will rage but we'll find water on 581g, and get plenty of online music and education.

Dale Chase

Int 80

74 4/18/2011 The Future Of No More No more I/O devices, no more copyright and no more URLs. But we will have ChromeOS!

Jeremiah Owyang

Joshua Caleb

75 4/25/2011 Weightless Immortality Telecommuting hits schools and makes us fat, while Apple runs out of ideas but everybody's buying Android. Oh and we live forever. And beat gravity.

Aaron Newcomb

Mary Varn

76 5/9/2011 Head In The Clouds We're putting a hard drive in our heads, and we can't tell the Google history index has changed history, but we're all in caves now, so it's OK.

Brian Dote

Ryan Ozawa

77 5/24/2011 Stop Chad! If Chad doesn't get us in his dictatorial domination of new media, thumb-cats will!

Chad Johnson

Jennifer Ozawa

78 6/7/2011 Got Nanobots? Twitter and Facebook will die, GPS gets hacked, animal chats make us all vegetarians, but we all die anyway, and more.

Marco Chiapetta

Mark Burstiner

79 6/14/2011 Talk To The Animals Twitter and Facebook will die, GPS gets hacked, animal chats make us all vegetarians, but we all die anyway, and more.

David Peto

Shawn Boyd

80 6/21/2011 Space Nomads We wander the universe playing Call of Duty 20 on our million-core processors, and using our slaptops, and more.

Jason Appelbaum

Rob Fuller

81 6/28/2011 Robot Everything Humans grow the eff up, get happy, replace our body parts and get happy.

Darrell the TrekNerd

Alex Gumpel

82 7/11/2011 Prime Minister Doctorow If You Please Textbooks are free, hydroponic farms grow in our cities, and computers become gods.

Anthony Marco

Meil Gorman

83 7/18/2011 Nice Bioluminescent Spots We all forget how to do everything, but the robots take care of us and our amazin genetic enhancements make us striking!

Eva Snyder

Mignon Fogarty

84 7/25/2011 It's All About Superheroes We won't die, and we won't have nay land, but we'll all be experts

Mike Vardy

Colin Weir

85 8/2/2011 Distributed Everything We all share Internet, power and brains, but how long now will be really smelly and social.

Brad Grzesiak

Larurent LaSalle

86 8/9/2011 The Gassy One We'll taste our movies and burn our trash, but we'll all be made of broccoli. Yet a trip to Jupiter will take our mind off it.

Teresa Ellis

Fraser Ntukula

87 8/16/2011 Grow Your Own Home Scan your tomatoes, travel at Mach 20 and put your phone in your brain.

Leslie Horn

Joyce Hostyn

88 8/23/2011 Black Tar Einstein We got brain drain, big bangs and charity that gives back.

Anneke Jong

Brian Hough

89 8/30/2011 We Welcome Our Tank Spider Overlords We wear our computers, improve our toilets and all die in a singularity. But we can think our way out of it.

Steve Dorsey

Patrick Delahanty

90 9/13/2011 Putting the "I" in IPO Beatniks, home power and board games will make our future complete.

John Kovalic

Ken Denmead

91 9/19/2011 Designer Prosthetics Aliens will bind us, waste will be dealt with and the makers will inherit the Earth.

Joel Duggan

Todd "Gnomewise" Whitehead

92 9/28/2011 Vote Gibbon It's survival of the cutest, or survival of the aliens that can't enjoy simulations. But we can't use telepathy because of the ads.

Katie Sekelsky

Zach Weiner

93 10/5/2011 Go Goa'uld Or Go Home Civil War leads to education reform, and finally to the singularity.

John Anealio

Len Peralta

94 10/12/2011 Space Dragons We live long enough to end the US, colonize the universe and meet the alien dragons.

Mike TV

Mike Schramm

95 10/17/2011 Swappin' Body Parts We'll archive our brains, defy gravity, and colonize planets with SimCity Arcologies.

Chris Luckhardt

Eric Portelance

96 10/25/2011 Return Of Alien Nation Giant Halogens on Mars, Equal rights for time, and all hail the electronic King.

Willie "Dills" Gregory

Brian Dunaway

97 11/1/2011 Pulp Toy Story Dogs We all create the movies we want in our bater society, when we're into playing realistic D&D sims. But we're all part of the AI game.

Natania Barron

Zak Holder

98 11/8/2011 Holographic Bieber Sure, you can't hug a child with robotic eyes, and printing a baby has issues, but our perma-kittens will take our minds off it.

Tasha Robinson

William Doran

99 11/14/2011 Spider State We stay away from space, impose a police state and then hand it over the printed-out spiders.

Josh Walrath

Sarah Houghton

100 11/22/2011 56:17 Voodoo Bernie is the future We get avatars and live for a long time, but the aliens will keep us in line.

Bill Corbett

Stuart Tracte

101 11/28/2011 1:04:07 The Guilted Age Pop in your new eyes and enjoy the new middle ages, before humanity shuts down for good and becomes hermit snipers.

Trace Beaulieu

Ryan Shrout

102 12/06/2011 1:00:28 Megafauna Chip me baby one more time. Also giant elephants protect us.

Eric Van Skyhawk


103 12/12/2011 57:03 Moonifest Destiny China's on the Moon, the robots beat everyone else, but at least we have voice control.

Allyn Malventan

Justin Jackson

104 12/19/2011 1:01:32 Introducing The Thought DVR We move into the ocean, shut off annoyances and stop cruelty. Really? Yes.

Sarah Lane

Linelle Lane

105 01/03/2012 49:49 My Bricks Are Online We all stop commuting, but we have self-driving cars! And holographic keyboards.

Iyaz Akhtar

Adi Khajuria

106 01/17/2012 58:26 Eyeball In My Colon We learn how to grow eyeballs in inappropriate places, our biometrics gets hacked, but we don't care because we can get our entertainment everywhere.

Kype Fergusson

Garrett Weinzierl

107 01/24/2012 1:02:43 Robot Death Or Lizard Face Sure we can't tell if it's a computer, but it won't kill us. It will kill our physical-altered progeny. Am I right?

Andrew Mayne

Justin Robert Young

108 02/07/2012 52:07 Nobody Wants To Raise Grandma Also you'll need an email address in the future, but not necessarily and ID.

Nicole S. Young

Glenn Rubenstein

109 02/14/2012 45:04 Ubiquitous Media Computing will be everywhere and so will media, but it will all happen in our minds. Russ Pitts

Myriam Joire

110 2/28/2012 Photography Becomes Archaeology We pick our pictures after the fact and take back control of publishing! Patrick Hester Chris Marquardt
111 3/6/2012 Beam Me Out Mommy Pregnancy will get easier, safer and we'll pay the hospital bills in hugs. Kristin Brandt Nicole Lee
112 3/13/2012 The Nanobots Made My Brain Do It Your heads up display won't let you get lost, but you're rewired brain may not like where you go. Shannon Morse

Evan Brown

113 3/20/2012 Kickstart My Comic Heart Kickstart my comic heart and speak my version of English while you do it. Stephen Schleicher

George Corley

114 4/3/2012 No Keyboard, No Security We'll need a disaster to teach us computer security, but we won't have those nasty keyloggers since we'll all use tablets. Dwight Silverman

Tony Wang

115 04/10/2012 Spectrum In My Head We'll have enough bandwidth to live in the Simiverse and shoot documentary movies there. Fr Robert Ballecer Norman Chan
116 04/24/2012 TV and Movies Merge Cinemas will show TV shows, movies come straight to your TV, plus other shocking developments. Peter Wells Terry Michael
117 05/01/2012 Free Phone, Strong Heart, Can't Lose We'll have an Amazon phone that's ad supported and upgraded organs to enjoy it with. Chris Ziegler Dave Veffer
118 05/08/2012 No Ultrabooks, Just Paper Books While the name ultrabook will become meaningless, eBooks will not replace the dead trees entirely. Dana Wollman Scott McNulty
119 05/14/2012 What's The Digital Matter? We'll be able to program matter to be whatever we want, too bad nobody will know how it works. Jonathan Strickland Andrew Mayne
120 05/22/2012 Your Tube Is Here Travel by tube in your custom car listening to your custom station. Bryan Burnett Josh Windisch
121 06/05/2012 Jam the Reptile Terrorists When we all have wearable computing we'll need to jam it and stop the parallel universes from invading us. But at least we have easy access to Point Break Dave Nelson Glenn Rubenstein
122 06/12/2012 Lastcast Scott and Tom share their predictions in this the triumphant finale of FourCast. Tom Merritt Scott Johnson

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