Episode Number Date Run Time Title
00 11/13/2009 0:28 Promo
1 11/22/2009 8:24 A tour with Spock
2 11/24/2009 9:36 How to convey money out of one of your hands into the other by Legerdemaine.
3 11/27/2009 10:30 Your line has to be pretty long…
4 11/29/2009 11:16 Those are some great graphics
5 12/1/2009 7:31 A Klingon Christmas Carol
6 12/6/2009 11:50 What button switches weapons?
7 12/6/2009 8:23 Retro-Contemporary
8 12/9/2009 10:40 An 8-Bit Christmas
9 12/11/2009 10:17 I can still smell the blubber
10 12/14/2009 7:00 Orson Wells Never Looked So Good
11 12/15/2009 8:00 World's Smallest Snowman
12 12/18/2009 12:02 Alternate Reality Games
13 12/21/2009 8:12 The language of Avatar revealed (verify this)
14 12/23/2009 7:39 Atlantis Found! (verify this)
15 12/25/2009 12:52 My space ship is way more round than yours... (verify this)
16 12/27/2009 10:33 Hell no, we wont go!
17 12/29/2009 6:45 Tomorrow looks like partly Tatooine, with a chance of Gungan.
18 12/31/2009 8:56 Mommy, why are there chunks in my Orange Juice?
19 1/4/2010 12:13 There is never enough hate for Phantom Menace
20 1/5/2010 7:44 What's that, girl? Billy fell down the well due to centripetal force?
21 1/7/2010 10:36 Let’s play ring around the planet
22 1/10/2010 10:36 A green plasticine moment of silence
23 1/12/2010 10:36 Forever means forever!
24 1/14/2010 10:36 Someone's gotta take care of this garden
25 1/17/2010 14:06 I threw a flash grenade at blue people!
26 1/19/2010 8:46 Wanna make fire? These are matches!
27 1/21/2010 9:04 The Future is RIGHT NOW!
28 1/25/2010 6:55 Flying R2-D2, you are doing it wrong
29 1/27/2010 9:03 Stunt Casting In Science Fiction
30 1/29/2010 8:17 A Realtime Recreation of the Plane Crash in Lost
31 1/31/2010 9:17 Houston, we have...electric personal flight vehicle.
32 2/2/2010 8:30 Plus ten to prison lock picking
33 2/4/2010 10:01 Mr. Edison's Kindle
34 2/7/2010 10:31 That worm looks so real!
35 2/9/2010 9:20 We have the technology
36 2/11/2010 10:04 World of Fedcraft
37 2/14/2010 11:59 In my dreams, the animation is way better
38 2/16/2010 8:55 Houston, we have a robot
39 2/19/2010 9:18 We have a glitch in the system!
40 2/21/2010 13:10 Live Avatar Role Playing
41 2/23/2010 12:43 What is new is old again
42 2/26/2010 11:56 The answer to the great question of life, the universe, and...lost socks
43 2/28/2010 7:00 It's a Trap!
44 3/3/2010 11:30 Go directly to Jail, do not collect 200 cubits
45 3/4/2010 7:08 Counter it with Weaponized Milk!
46 3/7/2010 9:53 Dear Eggshell Diary...
47 3/10/2010 10:16 Stardate...EVERYTHING
48 3/11/2010 9:52 Is it saturday already?
49 3/15/2010 12:46 Chewy is a little Chewy
50 3/16/2010 14:20 Finally I can spend that Jet Pack money!
51 3/19/2010 13:21 Why did I have all these cats again?
Weekly 01 3/20/2010 1:03:04 Hellasode!
52 3/21/2010 10:44 We've found thine rover, my lord!
53 3/24/2010 9:37 Blargh!
54 3/26/2010 14:37 What up, dogeth?
55 3/28/2010 11:49 Can you spare a square?
56 3/31/2010 9:44 Able to leap huge piles of money in a single bound
57 4/2/2010 11:05 Please let it be in color...
Weekly 02 4/5/2010 1:03:04 Buy my bunker!
Weekly 03 4/5/2010 1:03:04 Dogus Interuptus
58 4/5/2010 9:47 I want to eat your computer animated brains!
59 4/5/2010 8:45 There is something about those eyes...
60 4/8/2010 9:14 This is a triumph...again...
61 4/12/2010 8:24 Comic Land
Weekly 04 4/13/2010 1:03:04 Army of Two
62 4/14/2010 8:41 Houston, we have an auction
63 4/16/2010 8:56 How you like me now?
64 4/19/2010 8:07 How do you reboot your belt?
Weekly 05 4/20/2010 1:02:59 The JoCo Show
65 4/21/2010 7:49 Motha Effin Snakes!
66 4/23/2010 10:41 What would Sheldon say?
Weekly 06 4/24/2010 Lost after LOST
67 4/26/2010 9:03 My cleaning sense is tingling.
68 4/28/2010 12:37 Lord British is rolling in his grave
Weekly 07 5/3/2010 A self-destructive two-headed lizard
69 5/3/2010 9:30 I have bad news, Mr President
70 5/5/2010 14:15 The Iron Men of Silicon Valley
71 5/7/2010 13:22 That is one big gopher!
72 5/10/2010 15:02 It's a comparatively small world after all.
73 5/13/2010 11:27 Maybe the coolest thing ever
74 5/16/2010 15:42 The IT Crowd is Coming Back!
75 5/17/2010 7:04 The lawnmower man solved my roach problems
76 5/19/2010 7:54 We've found the rebel base
Weekly 08 5/23/2010 Paul AND Storm…and us.
77 5/23/2010 11:17 Cap's gonna be on broadway!
78 5/24/2010 8:35 You shall not pass…Bel-Air
79 5/27/2010 13:07 We don't need another hero
80 5/28/2010 8:11 Majority Report
Weekly 09 5/31/2010 A cast of misfit toys
81 5/31/2010 13:20 The time that is given to us.
82 6/2/2010 12:51 At least you have that Sulu job...
83 6/4/2010 11:32 An Error Jordan in judgement...
Weekly 10 6/7/2010 55:04:00 Lord of the Nerds
84 6/8/2010 8:32 The pieces just keep falling faster and faster
85 6/9/2010 12:25 The good guys always use macs
86 6/12/2010 9:10 How do you illustrate PWNage
Weekly 11 6/12/2010 49:14:00 Silver Surfer Sucks!
87 6/14/2010 8:54 Let's build a imperial cruiser!
88 6/17/2010 8:51 I need a bigger fix!
89 6/18/2010 9:45 Twain has stuff to say
90 6/22/2010 8:12 Get a masters in Future Prediction!
91 6/23/2010 9:37 One small step for man, one giant DRINK for mankind
92 6/29/2010 7:22 There once was a man from Venus, who had a gigantic....ancient city.
93 6/30/2010 7:13 wanna have a geek , aye?
Weekly 12 6/30/2010 1:01:39 It tastes like French!
94 7/2/2010 10:30 James Cameron always feels a little blue...
Weekly 13 7/2/2010 57:02:00 It's a Nakatomi Summer!
95 7/6/2010 Acoustic engineer explains why vuvuzelas are annoying
96 7/7/2010 White guys for hire
Weekly 14 7/10/2010 55:31:00 Walking with the dead
97 7/11/2010 9:19 Happy Birthday, Airplane!
Weekly 15 7/18/2010 1:00:00 The Dunaway Way
98 7/19/2010 Roll Out!
99 7/21/2010 10:41 Princess in another handheld
100 7/26/2010 12:54 We don't need roads
Weekly 16 7/26/2010 44:10:00 Live from SDCC
101 7/27/2010 7:20 It's a Mint, not a Hint
102 7/29/2010 10:23 You only eat them when they're blue...
103 7/30/2010 12:39 Now THAT's a howdoyoudo!
Weekly 17 7/31/2010 54:09:00 Demarcation
Weekly 18 8/7/2010 52:19:00 Halo was better in 1979
Weekly 19 8/14/2010 45:22:00 The personality of a 6 year old
104 8/16/2010 7:22 I'm late for first period!
105 8/18/2010 6:22 Two weeks! TWO WEEKS!
106 8/20/2010 8:15 Superman did it!
Weekly 20 8/21/2010 57:57:00 The british are coming!
107 8/23/2010 7:22 Brains!!!
108 8/25/2010 12:20 That's not all you lose in that game
109 8/26/2010 8:15 Hello meme my old friend...
110 8/31/2010 7:25 Light Saber beats Phaser
111 9/1/2010 10:00 There are just not enough of those
112 9/3/2010 9:55 You put your manga in my op-ed section!
Weekly 22 9/3/2010 1:05:40 Dill tastes good!
Weekly 21 9/8/2010 37:34:00 The Found
113 9/13/2010 7:10 Please wipe the blood and brain matter from your syllabus.
114 9/15/2010 7:36 You can dance if you wan-ooo...
115 9/17/2010 5:41 This class is such a circus
Weekly 23 9/20/2010 55:24:00 I Ibbott
116 9/20/2010 8:13 Bring a gift to your terminator
117 9/22/2010 7:00 It's better cause it's sonic.
118 9/24/2010 6:23 Now THAT's my kinda museum!
Weekly 24 9/28/2010 1:00:21 Taking Starwars BACK!
Weekly 25 10/3/2010 58:22:00 Where no man has gone before
Weekly 26(mp3) 10/9/2010 1:07:52 Canadians or Comedians
119 10/11/2010 10:40 Lego my Cell Phone!
120 10/13/2010 10:12 That's no's a ham in the fridge!
121 10/15/2010 12:11 Never forget...MUDS were awesome
122 10/18/2010 10:31 What is pacman's secret?
Weekly 27(mp3) 10/18/2010 1:07:52 You Got Your Comics in My Movie
123 10/21/2010 10:35 Thusters to speed!
Weekly 28(mp3) 10/24/2010 1:07:52 BlizzTron
124 10/25/2010 8:46 With their one huge eye!
125 10/25/2010 4:59 That is a quote, nice ship, unquote!
126 10/27/2010 6:28 Just don't drop it in the swamp!
127 11/1/2010 6:40 Follow your nose! It always knows.
128 11/1/2010 5:00 Second time's the charm!
Weekly 29(mp3) 11/1/2010 1:07:52 Don't Leave Me Dangle-ing
129 11/3/2010 5:09 If you only knew the power of the back nine.
130 11/6/2010 8:21 We need Picard... NOW!
131 11/8/2010 9:41 The Creep runs in my family
Weekly 30(mp3) 11/8/2010 1:07:52 How Do I Connect This Controller To This Movie
132 11/11/2010 8:22 Can't get a signal...someone go blow on Duck Hunt
133 11/12/2010 10:20 This thing smells like bacon!
134 11/15/2010 11:27 Your honor, I move that nuqneH! be stricken from the record
Weekly 31(mp3) 11/15/2010 1:07:52 Saturday Morning Nostalgia
135 11/17/2010 10:05 Why did it have to be spinach, Jauk?
136 11/19/2010 11:38 Who's the Master Chief now?
137 11/22/2010 12:42 I see you
Weekly 32 11/22/2010 1:07:52 This Is Mint
138 11/27/2010 7:18 Han Froze First
139 11/27/2010 14:55 There's nothing quite like a good steam punk
140 11/29/2010 7:41 Who's got your fantasy back now?
141 12/2/2010 11:21 3rd zombie planet from the sun
Weekly 33(mp3) 12/6/2010 1:07:52 Worst Monster Ever
142 12/7/2010 10:29 90 degree turns are everything
Weekly 34 12/12/2010 1:07:52 Best TV, Movies, Games, Comics, 2010
Weekly 35(mp3) 12/20/2010 1:07:52 The Amazing World Of Comics!
143 1/16/2011 9:28 Might you have a flagon of meed before I crush the rebel alliance?
Weekly 36 1/17/2011 1:07:52 The Last Weekly
144 1/19/2011 7:24 Ahh man, my robot has the runs!
145 1/22/2011 12:02 I'd hate to see what GEOS looks like...
146 1/23/2011 7:48 So big, Lego Kiss could play there!
147 1/28/2011 11:52 This is not your ordinary egg
148 1/28/2011 10:15 Your little world frightens me
149 2/9/2011 12:55 Roll a natural 20 in the clink!
150 2/10/2011 12:05 Wookie Leaks
151 2/16/2011 9:49 Hmmm...just like Peaches
152 2/16/2011 10:11 A grammy in just 50 turns!
153 2/18/2011 8:46 Facinating, aye.
154 2/25/2011 10:00 It's a class!
155 3/8/2011 6:55 El diablo muppeto es bueno!
156 3/17/2011 10:14 Someone get this big walking carpet out of my way
157 3/23/2011 8:36 You've made me the happiest geek on earth!
158 4/20/2011 17:40 A game in a URL
159 4/28/2011 18:05 You got pixels in my Trek!
160 5/4/2011 12:54 How do you D&D?
161 5/11/2011 13:12 A portal to your fan film
162 5/18/2011 7:35 The UFL
163 5/27/2011 11:56 Pakistani Starfleet Explorers
164 6/1/2011 13:00 That's no alien!
165 6/8/2011 11:59 That's an old computer!
166 6/22/2011 11:50 That's a lot of Bat mobiles!
167 7/6/2011 16:00 That's no moon
168 7/13/2011 12:00 It's in the cards
169 7/20/2011 12:00 Now THAT's how you play Star Wars
170 7/27/2011 15:00 Running windows, in my windows
171 8/3/2011 12:00 Now that's bloging old school
172 8/10/2011 18:44 Blade Runner!
173 8/18/2011 12:00 I want your coffee table!
174 8/24/2011 16:19 Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'
175 8/31/2011 19:53 Don't Panic
176 9/7/2011 12:25 That's a tiny little motor
177 9/14/2011 30 second rule!
178 10/5/2011 It's still good to run
179 10/19/2011 My drinks tastes like Harrison Ford
180 10/26/2011 Send in a floater!
181 11/2/2011 You've got the shinning
182 11/9/2011 We just want the legos!
183 11/17/2011 I like my steak medium white
184 11/30/2011 Where's Venkman?
185 12/7/2011 Cave Johnson in your Cave
186 12/14/2011 Alan Moore's Keyboard
187 12/28/2011 Public Sabers
188 ? <doesn't exist?>
189 1/18/2012 Sopa on the Ropa
190 1/25/2012 I can make that
191 2/8/2012 Disney can do more than you think
192 2/15/2012 Star Wars Forever
193 2/23/2012 Really geeky print
194 ? <doesn't exist?>
195 3/14/2012 TNG season 8 on twitter!

2014 Reboot Episodes



Date Summary
00 12/17/2013 Brainstorming Hangout
01 01/03/2014 The English Breakfast

Join us for our relaunch episode! Where guests Veronica Belmont and Mark The Turpster Turpin join Scott and Tom!

Netflix and their weird new price thing, they found Doge, the entire Futrama world in one big image, computer code porn, Winamp and Shoutcast get a new life in Brussels, the Mac Pro is not all that hard to upgrade after all, Steam and the indie game conundrum, what Azimov says about 2014, POP QUIZES, amazon will destroy everyone, your emails and more!

02 01/10/2014 On the backs of mimes

Join Scott and Tom, and guests Brian Ibbott and Patrick Beja for this week's Current Geek!

Steam boxes are coming soon, CES 3D food printers are weird, Linksys back from the dead, Michael Bay and his stage troubles, Scifi restaurants are cooler than you think, Vizio is going cheap on the 4k tvs, HD audio and what that's all about now, 7 years of smart phones, Pop Quizes, your emails and more!

03 01/24/2014 I see you, you see me

Joined by Stephen S. from Majorspoilers and Randy Jordan! Frogpanters and awesome dudes. Enjoy!

Robot tourism is coming soon to Korea, the North says they put a dude on the moon, Kickstart some chiptunes on your GBA, swapping bodies with the Rift, Geek A Week is in full bloom, Lego space jackets, Disney might be ripping the SW universe apart, Fisher and Hammil confirmed for Starwars, google really gets this Nest thing, the Mac is 30 years old this week, Fourcast, emails and more!

04 01/31/2014 I'm going to allow this

What it takes to model all of Middle Earth, every academy award winner for visual effects in one movie, The Simpsons know what's up with Google Glass, Lego Loving Living in Chrome, theater owners are sick of trailers, Google buys Deep Mind, Google Sells Motorola, possible big apple tv thing coming soon, pop quizes, fourcast, and MORE!

05 02/07/2014 The Manic Icelanders

We load up on everything, including RedShirts coming to tv, Hoffman and the Hunger Games problem, the other weird things you'll do with a Rift, EVE and their domination of Iceland, Japan wants to give roaches wifi, Light Saber combat in italy, Logan's Run becomes more real than you wanted, the state of Sochi and Streaming, MS gets a new man in charge, 10 things that never get rebooted, downloading your brain, 3D gonna have it's day yet, and MORE!

Our guests are Kristin and Breki!

06 02/15/2014 Flapping the Bird

Civ 5 lets you be evil, Mincraft makers don't wanna make a film, hacker dads are the coolest, Dr Horrible 2 will still be made, Gargoyles are all over youtube, the Flap over FlappyBird, Comcast and power do not mix, wearable computing will be different, Justin Robert Young and Andrew Mayne join us, your emails and more on this edition of Current Geek

07 02/21/2014 Replicate Me

On this week's Current Geek, Google gets all 3D and stuff, we are ready to Guard the Galaxy, Zero Point time, Levine is done with Bioshock forever, Leo designers ahoy, 3D priting is coming along so quickly, Spike wants to go to space, Crystal Skull vodka bottle with flesh is weird, Facebook spends big money, wearing our computers one day, your emails and MORE!

08 02/28/2014 Going the way of dialup

On this week's CurrentGeek, we have Jonathan Strickland and Bill Meeks with us, NASA turns on the Valve, let's get the worlds biggest camera in space, Star Trek Themepark coming to Spain, Giant godzilla at Mardi Gras, Samsung has a new device for you, Bitcoin takes a bit of a hit, Pop Quizes, 10 years without cable, what about the pebble, and what a robot can do with 3D printing!

09 03/14/2014 Look at me!

This week on Current Geek, It's a good day to eat pie, Tim Berners-Lee wants to make a better social web, Snowden speaks out at SXSW, Randall Munroe answers the hard questions, fixing your parents wifi, BBC updates the Hitchhikers game, fastet robot on earth, between two ferns, Google wants you to tango, modular phones and what the french think about it, Apple TV will never happen as a TV, our italian accents, and more!

10 03/22/2014 Sony wants your cranium

This week on Current Geek, Valves new doc, Bale to play Steve Jobs, superman and his gopro, the Konami code in google search now, poor Edd, episode 7 is underway in may, GDC news abounds, 2048 is a big year, more forecasting, and more!

11 03/29/2014 Facebook on your Face

On Current Geek, we get into Office on your iPad, new 3d food is ready for you to eat, cartoon themes are back in, bionic atheletes unite, TMNT is back in theaters soon, 4DX movies are coming, Threes and 2048 are things to talk about, Facebook buys Oculus Rift, Oculus hacked, drones are in the news again, HTC One is happening, comments will die according to Fourcast, why people like us, and MORE!

12 04/04/2014 So much nudity

Tonight on CurrentGeek, Halo feature film is indeed in the works, we have 14 years of marvel movies coming, Wil Wheaton is doing a new series on Syfy, movies need to start being virtual and real at the same time, blow some air up your body, Project Loon is a thing we will talk about, The FireTV is in our hands and we have thoughts about it, Windows phone and regular windows both get some updates, never chaning your password again, and how to make cool dungeons!

13 04/18/2014 Jackman works both sides of the fence

Coming up on CurrentGeek, Xmen Trailer gives us a good look at everyone who's in this thing, HearthStone is where your iPad is, Star Trek doctors finally get their crap together, Q spends some time with Kirk, Google has some tango to do, the middle-east knows how to retract its sunshades, Windows Cortana takes a bow, 8k is gonna kill 4k, our cars will like our voices, Marvel is gonna buy it all back, watches in emails, and more!

14 04/26/2014 The Federal Crap Commission

Tonight, on CurrentGeek, more starwars stuff, we have a new hobbit title, Unreal 4 is doing some strange things, MST3K gets some Wired time, GameStop is doing some changing, HBO coming to Amazon and people are pretty excited, is the internet going to die, Nokia deal makes MS really big, Drones are in Forcecast today, secure passwords in emails, and more!

15 05/02/2014 It's 2am somewhere right now

Today, on CurrentGeek, Comicbook day stuff is ahead of us this weekend, that big Starwars photo is rad, the legendary cache of buried carts, new COD game with interesting people in it, more dumb ways to die, Hobbits everywhere, Comixology mess still a mess, Facebook cares about piracy, 3D printers are gonna be cheap in the future, which letters get read in congress and MORE!

16 05/09/2014 The Ion Laser Treatment

This time on Current Geek, whats going on in Hamburg, Kohler is selling some interesting toilet seats, Rappers and Shakespeare, Nature is Weird, a great story in Symmetry Magazine, we might be into some Ancient Fear today, star wars with only Jar Jar in them, Apple and Beats are buddies, wireless RFID chips for all in 2050, and more!

17 05/17/2014 Get a haircut!

On today's Current Geek, Intersteller looks pretty interesting at this point, MS and what they do with Halo next, and an XboxOne price drop is happening, someone made a holodeck, Breaking Bad and Spoiler Time, Pentagon has a plan for zombies, the FCC and the net and the metagame, Wizards sues Cryptozoic, pop quizes, fourcast, your emails and more!

18 05/31/2014 Translate Us

On today's Current Geek, take a look it's in a book again, Tappy Chicken is your first Unreal engine game, stuff you didn't know about Firefly, Darth Vader goes to the Chinese Book Fair, swallowing food got easier this week, google wants you to NOT drive their car, Skype can translate you, Apple bought Beats after all, self driving Pizza in your fourcast, your emails and more!

19 06/12/2014 Han fell first

Tonight on CurrentGeek, Han Solo got hurt. Amazon has cool new stuff. Star Wars puns are fun. That youtube guy got found, and you won't believe who it is. We found a guy with a LOT of old video games in his garage. Big BIG E3 talk from us and our guests. Why phones may never change, and your emails!

20 06/20/2014 It came from the Amazon

On tonight's Current Geek: Yo has some problems, Yo. Apple Smartwatch watch is in high gear. NASA in the news. Netflix wants you to see Pinkman in amazing 4k. Harrison Ford is not as hurt as you thought. Amazon announced a BUNCH of things and we are buzzing around it like Fireflies. And Youtube is NOT blocking you afterall. We are headed to a video game future. Your emails and more!

21 07/12/2014 Roger Roger

Today, on CurrentGeek: Roger Chang and Roger White join us! Yo is being used in new fascinating ways. Superman joins The Arrow, sort of. What would YOU do in an empty room? Let's fine more planets, shall we? The Dark Tower gets musical. LG has some flexible ideas. Let's talk about a transparent society. Trek coming back? The US Navy has some fun acronyms. And more!

22 07/19/2014 The Spinoff Show

"Welcome to Current Geek, the weekly proceedings of the meetings of the Frogpants All-stars, geeks of the world, and YOU, to keep you current on the things that matter most. I'm Scott Johnson and he's Tom Merritt"

23 08/01/2014 Welcome to ComicKahn

Tonight on CurrentGeek: Amazon wants you to watch more video really bad. Comiccon wants comiccon to stop saying comiccon. Robot fans are the future. Gal Gadot is wondering about women. The 8 best sprites in game history. EA subscriptions are interesting. Pop Quizes! Will Marvel slip up soon? All that and MORE!

24 08/08/2014 Itchy Twitchy

Tonight, on CurrentGeek: Disney really wants more starwars stuff in their parks. Warner Brothers is serious about more DC movies to come! Legend of Korra gets more legendary. The NFL might let Weird Al perform this year. Old Mans War comes to old mans TV. Twitch stuff is all the talk this week. MIT blows our minds. Big increases to digital downloads coming and soon. Plus a lot more!

25 08/15/2014 The UK is not in Germany

Trooper helmets for all! Tractor beams are here! Aquaman is COOL again! Hobo Bot takes on Canada. 2K wants you to play their WWE card came! Zero is really into vinyl! We cover some GamesCom business. In 50 years we will have new house pets! Your emails and more!

26 08/22/2014 The City Above The Below
27 09/19/2014 I am Notch Spock

On tonight's Current Geek: Loads of new DRM free comics are out now. Back to the Future II talk. Superman and Starwars are together at last. Tom and Scott do a little Groot theater. Have you heard of Oort Online? Minecraft was bought. iPhones are still a big deal it turns out. Don't drop yours. Indie Games and Pro Wrestling are up for grabs in trivia tonight. Private space explorers will no longer need NASA. Your emails and more!

28 09/27/2014 The bigger they are, the Titan they fall

On this edition of CurrentGeek: Thus endeth the Titan that never was. Netflix and Spoilers are buddies again. To shat or not to shat. Hero movies and what they mean for society. Crescent Bay is pretty hawt and we all want one. iPhone 6+ users are all bent out of shape this week. How about some Unix talk? Pop Quizes! How Blizzard will never make another MMO again. And your feedback! Kristin and Jules join us tonight!

29 10/03/2014 Homestar Running Again

This week on Current Geek, Run back to HomeStar Runner! Angry Birds is coming to theaters soon. No more cartoons for you! Kirby gets his. Coffee should not taste that good. Windows 10 is HERE! Pop Quiz! Fourcast and more!

30 10/17/2014 DJ Dark Matter Truther

On tonight's Current Geek, John Kovalic and Len Peralta join us! Captain America needs more iron. DC films are detailed! HBO wants to go it alone. Starwars UNCUT! LED's and Cats finally get together. How about some dark Matter? Apple week again! Pop Quizes! We need vocaloids! And more!

31 10/24/2014 Covered in ping-pong balls

On this edition of Current Geek, that Avengers 2 trailer is really pretty special. Franz Kafka gets some screen time. Google gets even smarter. Time to get that hover board! The good Doctor is back. Inbox aims to replace your inbox. 8.1 brought a lot of fun to Yosemite! The Pop Quiz! VR is the future of podcasting? Emails and more!

32 10/31/2014 Yogurt Yoda

Today, on Current Geek: Marvel went crazy this week. Verizon is tracking you! TieFighter is in the GoG store and that's good for everyone. Apple Pay gets blocked. DC has some wonderwoman things. What's up with that Virgin Spaceship? Pop Quiz! A good point about AI, and MORE!

33 11/10/2014 Who watches the OverWatchers?

Our live episode from Blizzcon 2014! Join Scott and Tom in the FLESH!

34 11/21/2014 Wearables Shmearables

On today's Current Geek, WoW turns ten! Let's talk about E-Valley! T-Mobile has stuff to explain. What's up with Thor's hammer? Star Trek comes to london! Payphones make way for Wifi kiosks! How tall is your security robot? What's up with Magic Leap? The Pop Quiz! Wearables are outdated already, and MORE!

35 12/05/2014 Dr. McKay is in the house

Tonight, our special guest is David Hewlett! We get into what Woz is up to. Nasa wants to send us to an asteroid soon. The first episode 7 tattoo is in the wild. Marvel and DC casting news heats up. Sony and that hack. Google is getting fresh with Capcha. How our future could be disability free! All that and more!

36 12/12/2014 Blocker Pants

Today, on Current Geek: California people are ticked at Comcast. Mad Max got a new trailer and it's awesome. We know the names of those new SW people. Google News says see you to Spain. Norton Pants! Keurig hacks! BBC stuff at that paramount park! And MORE!

37 12/20/2014 Your world, virtual

Today, on Current Geek: What's that other universe doing? Get your stuff from Amazon in an hour. HearthStone graces Android fiinally. Watch for Pixels coming soon. ICANN hack you. Sony stuff as we are aware of it. Fourcast! Some emails and more!

38 01/02/2015 2014 in Review

Tom and Scott do their year end Geeky Things episode, to tie up 2014! Enjoy!

39 01/10/2015 CES is OVR

Tonight on CurrentGeek! CES stuff a plenty with our guest, Roger Chang! Bill Gates is spending some money! MS-DOS games are all up in the archive now. Ant-Man trailer in effect. Internet guildlines vote is COMING! What's happening at the Smiths? Our National Front Future and more, on today's Current Geek!

40 01/16/2015 3D Print Me

Tonight, on CurrentGeek: What happens when you install the top 10 apps from Minority Report is coming. Elon Musk said some cool stuff. Tom Hardy is OUT of the Squad. 3D pinted arms! Google Glass is a changin. Pop Quiz! Forecast! Your emails and more!

41 01/30/2015 Three Generations Unleashed

CurrentGeek is like this today! Game of Thrones trailers! Google Fiber! Ghostbusters Ladies! Jessica Jones! Pratt as Indiana! Agent Carter ratings! Windows 10 and augmented reality! Abrams getting an oscar! Your emails and more!

42 02/06/2015 Toys are Us

On CurrentGeek tonight, kid gets in trouble with the one true ring! Marvel gets all Daring. Lego sets get approved! Radio Shack hits the road! Strange Robot Hotel coming soon! Tom Wheeler has things to say! The Oatmeal will run for president! Your emails, and more! Also, welcome George and Ayleen from!

43 02/13/2015 Hot Dinosaurs

Today, on current geek, MCU gets spidey. Armstrong's Closet. Wheel of Time pilot is BAD. Matell and Google team-up! 10k timelapse is fantastic! Facebook wants you happy when dead. Samsung TV finds its voice. Fourcast, emails and more!

44 02/20/2015 Lego Momoa

We get all up in Lego's business this week with our guest, Brandon Griffith! Lots of great stories and chat, so tune in!

45 02/27/2015 Craft the Mines

Tonight on CurrentGeek: OMGChad joins us! The passing of Leonard Nimoy. That stupid dress and Llamas. Disney is bringing things back. Netflix too. The batsuit is real. Commanding things with your head. FCC does things. The Pebble is back. World peace not possible without war. Why is minecraft sooooo big still? All that and more!

46 03/06/2015 Virtual Reality is Virtually Real

Tonight on Current Geek, Christian Spicer of DLC is with us! Also, HBO getting closer to a full streaming offering. Flying Solo. Ten marvel movies in a row! Sony and their VR plans. Valve and their VR plans. Nvidia and their plan plans. Nimoy in Startrek Online. Are hitting peak con? Emails and more!

47 03/20/2015 Nice Vue

A new unit! Trip to mars for a price. Nitendo says mobile is happening. Pixels looks terrible. Carbon3D could change things. The deathstar needs a lot of power. Playstation Vue debuts. Movies will be a fancy thing soon. Your emails and more!

48 04/04/2015 Let them have Pascal

Ready Spielberg One. Mario 64 on browser got pulled. What's with the Dash Button Get in the 66 batman mood again. GoT gets some Doctor in the house. Jay-Z has musical plans for you. MS has the Surface 3 ready for you. And lots more1

49 04/10/2015 No Shawarma

On CurrentGeek: WWE headed to USA. Let's ban booth babes! Go ahead and leave before the credits! WoW Tolkens. Star Wars is now a download. Klingon in the news again! Get your watch yet? Warcraft goes sub-cheap? And more!

50 04/17/2015 We're Home...

Tonight, on CurrentGeek! There was a few little star wars things worth mentioning. No big deal or anything. !!!! Batman v Superman is DARK! Ruffalo explains why the Hulk no longer works alone. Will there still be some Dark Towers? Apple's WWDC is happening and it will cost you about the same as a new Macbook to go. Pop Quiz! Fourcast! Your emails and more!

51 04/24/2015 Dank Basement of Sweat

Tonight, on Current Geek: Apple Watching. Star Trek 3 might have a title. Fantasy Grounds loves DND. John Deere is weird. GEG TEK sucks! Fourcast, your emails and more!

52 05/02/2015 A Thorn in our side

Today on Current Geek, we are joined by special guest, Jessie Thorn!! They fixed that Solo thing. Amazon and goats! What's the deal with Hulu rights? Some nice NASA news. Tesla wants to power your house. HoloLens is holo. PopQuiz! eSports forecast! Your emails and more!

53 05/08/2015 What about Joss

On CurrentGeek, Joss takes a hike. Freeman in Cap2! Agent Carter returns. Lego ahoy! Lost treasure found! Do it for the money! Pop quiz! We will NEVER live on another planet and more!

54 05/23/2015 Perma-Toys

Tonight, on CurrentGeek: Windows ten gets CRUSHED! Redditt gets all friendly and stuff. Simon Pegg ruffled some feathers. Marty and his 88. Where is Huell? We are putting lasers in space! How about that Orgim! Your thoughts emails and more!

55 05/29/2015 Super Kirk

Today on CurrentGeek, Chris Pratt is already sorry. Get a fridge full of memories. Eye lens things that seem cool. GoPro is going all VR and stuff. More lab grown meat! We know who Serkis is in SW. DC is getting Kirk. Letterman doing something next? Your emails and more!

56 06/05/2015 Pick a hotter topic

Netflix wants to show you ads. 200k is a lot of Apples. Hot Topic did not pay enough. Fallout 4 is a thing that is def happening. Steam wants to refund you. Video Games make the grade. USBC is a thing. Pop quiz! Also, our pets will really smart one day.

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