Episode Number Date Title Show Notes
01 07/29/2014 EA wants your Benjamens Let's get this idea off the ground! Why did I hate RPG's when I was younger? EA has a new sub service and wants you Xbox One people to know about it. Assassin's Creed Unity gets the girl we asked for…or did it? Now your cookin with Mama…again. User Reviews! Marvel Heroes has stuff for you to do in it. And lots more! Leave us a vm at 206-339-1320 or email us at! Tweet us @boopshow!
02 07/31/2014 Sony says they have your back On this edition of BOOP, Scott is really not sure what to make of Necrodancer just yet. EA's thing did NOT appeal to Sony, according to Sony. Nintendo took it in the shorts last quarter, despite strong Mario Kart traction. Blizzard says they will figure out what the hell went wrong with HS. Sony sold a LOT more Playstaions than MS sold x-boxes, but what numbers do we trust. Bad User Reviews! Why you should still be playing BroForce and more!
03 08/04/2014 eSports to Real Sports On this edition of BOOP, Scott stares deeply into the eyes of current-day eSports and likes what he sees. No PC will be without No Man's Sky...eventually. What games can you play with our non-gamer girlfriends? Destiny did well for Bungie's beta purposes. Bioshock coming to iOS is shocking. Zelda wants to purchase Park Place. Singing Halo in an empty church is rad. When will bacon be free to play? User reviews! Why you SHOULD play Blacklist, and NOT play FireFall, and more!
04 08/07/2014 Feeling Twitchy On today's BOOP, let's look under the hood of all this Twitch.TV stuff. Nintendo lets one of the good ones go. Sony gives up on Playstation Mobile. Sony is getting sued over killzone stuff. Evolve will not evolve into what I need it to be. Xbox One bundles are incoming! You no longer need gold for that EA thing. Diablo 3 lets you do cross-platform save trickery. Expendabros is out. Why I didn't like FireFall and more!
05 08/11/2014 Just one more turn On today’s episode of BOOP, let’s talk about games that you want just one more turn with. Gamescom starts tomorrow and who knows what mysteries it holds. Twitch clarifies a few things. Godus is on iOS, but is it any better than the PC disappointment? Sierra might be coming back in a real way. Your Destiny is NOT with your beta characters. Resident Evil takes up residency on your TV. Run Forrest Run is finally a thing. Night Trap is getting the big reboot. Outdoor video games are a thing. The zen of pixeljunk shooter, and more!
06 08/14/2014 Germany had it all this week On today's edition of BOOP: The Kinect is pretty much gone now. We look at all that came from MS and Sony in Germany this week. Snow is coming to PS4, hopfully with VR support. Sierra is back and has games to prove it. SWTOR still has lots of people playing it. Minecraft is nearly ready for a new home again. Digital downloads need to win over time. How to expand past MOBA's and RTS's in eSports. How cheap gamers win during times like this. Rogue Legacy still sucking up my hours, and more!
07 08/18/2014 Happy Birthday, Genesis! On today's edition of BOOP: SpellFall is doing a SpellFail. What about all this gaming backlog? Happy 25 Sega! Journey and Unfinished Swan both get cross-buy status. Diablo II in minecraft if rad. Star Citize wants you to race and shoot each other. How weird is that Madden commercial? Go to Jail, WoW players. Metal Gear boss to make Silent Hill. The Stomping Land might have stomped out of town. Secondary Logins suck. What is a Reddit? Kinect woes. You should be playing Ziggurat, and more!
08 08/21/2014 Controls Changed Me On today's edition of BOOP: Why D3 on console works so well. MS offering 24 hour demos of games? Maybe! 500gb drives ready for your 360 experience. A billion years is all it will take you to see all of No Man's Sky. Oculus is ready for Notch to get his ass back on board. Assassin's Creed is losing some of what I liked about it. Metal Gear fan remake is no more. EA offering 6 hours of Madden is all. Blizzard says MS really wanted 1080p. StarWars Commander is in your device now. The Genie is out of the bottle. Who is on top next generation? When you REALLY focus on your games. Ziggarat is still giving more than it's taking, and more!
09 08/25/2014 Everything's a MOBA On today's BOOP: Amazon totally bought Twitch today. Super Smash Bros. gets that damn dog from Duck Hunt. PSN got their stuff back up and running after the DDoS attack. Digital was 92% last year for PC games. Oakland can finally play pinball again. Playstation Home is shutting down in Japan. Phil Fish freaks out again. Hoping No Man's Sky can live up to the hype. Are we headed to a graphics Plateau? Commander and Unreal are my hot tickets this week.
10 08/28/2014 Uncanny Valet On this episode of The BOOP show, Destiny says you have to earn that stuff. Xbox One kinect by it self is gonna be here in October. Dragon Age says you have to go it alone. Tekken-style Pokemon is in the cards. Diablo 3 selling really well in the UK. Zelda and Animal crossing get all up in your carts. Assassin's Creed will have to assassinate in November now. BioShock is shocking on iOS. More Amazon / Twitch stuff. How uncanny is the valley? X1 owners do not need to worry about hard drives.
11 09/04/2014 Still Dangerous On this episode of The BOOP show, I was always pretty good at THIS kind of geometry. Minecraft and PS4 are buddies now. Ska Studios says goodbye to MS. CCP has some layoffs. Hearthstone has things to do before the year is done. XboxOne wants you to have a free game. Sims4, how's that going anyway? Run, Sackboy, Run! My fave controllers. Gaming bubbles. What console a guy should get and why Joe is still Dangerous!
12 09/09/2014 SIMpathy On this episode of The BOOP show, it was my Destiny to play Destiny. Mordor gets delayed. Sims 4 is getting mixed reviews. NHL2k15 is doing ever less good. Google wants to give us all back 19 million dollars. That samsung VR thing is a little weird. There's a new DK champ out there. Ray Rice is OUT! Casual Games help you be less stressed. Controllers should have better lives. When is the right time to get a new game.
13 09/11/2014 Take a Notch out of it On this episode of The BOOP show, Desinty changes over time. EA has ideas for this new Watch. 3DS XL getting an NES flavor. Mojang is NOT hanging around after the sale. Hack N Slash is OUT! Happy birthday, Dreamcast. MS giving you a less noisy box. Destiny sold REALLY well on digital. Burger King goes black. Some emails about NHL 15. And more!
14 09/15/2014 The hot light of game fame On this episode of The BOOP show, Tried to play a little Hack and Slash. MS bought Mojang and Notch wants OUT! GTA 5 is headed your way in a next gen way. Spider-Man gets an endless swinger. Oculus coming to you next summer. Smash Bros WiiU gets another controller type. Do violent games make you less violent? Your emails and more!
15 09/18/2014 Skyrim for Reasons On this episode of The BOOP show, what did I just do in Skyrim? Quake LIVE takes some getting used to. Grim Dawn is Grim Dawn. Just dance on your mobile device. FIFA says hellow EA Access! PS3 is getting into the NOW business. Bejewelled 3 is free. Goat Sim is now a thing you can do on a bus. Hearthstone has 20 million people playing it now. Emails and calls and more!
16 09/22/2014 China is Xboned On this episode of The BOOP show, Clang pulled out. China wants some Creed. PS TV hits the US in october. Goats are all the rage on mobile. Video Game History gets a home in Texas. 130k developers are doing Oculus stuff. Rock Band Network takes a final bow. Heroes of the Storm forgot to wipe again. MS delays Xbone in China. DA says free icecream is better than violent video games. Your emails calls and more!
17 09/25/2014 Even Titans Fall On this episode of The BOOP show, Titan is no more. EA messing with NHL features. Defiance defys cancelation. Super Smash now at Gamestop. Steam Music is a thing for all. PS4 people get free online MP this weekend. LoL is starting over and kicking ass. The 2DS get's all sexy. Your emails and calls!
18 09/29/2014 Mutant League Ping Pong On this episode of The BOOP show, feeling like there might be a shadow on my PS4 tomorrow. The Chinese made a REAL Hearthstone game. Taco Bell has white PS4's for you. Xbox launches in Japan! Most homes stream from their consoles. Playstation Home is no more EVERYWHERE! Super Smash on your 3DS. EA says that Hardline will actually work at launch. Bungie says nay to the Loot cave. Your emails calls and more!
19 10/02/2014 Happy Little Shadows On this episode of The BOOP show, there's a nice big shadow over Mordor. Why digital sale prices are probably about right. Angry birds lays people off and trys to rule the world. Star Citizen is now a citizen of the Guinness book of records. Hearthstone wants to give you another 100 cards. Tetris feature film sounds like shite. Pokemon TCG is out! New Star Wars in arcades? BRING IT! Sims 4 goes all Star Wars too. Fried leaves in Japan. Your calls and emails and more!
20 10/02/2014 Happy Little Shadows On this episode of The BOOP show, More bros in Mordor. RoomAlive is ALIVE! Happy 18th, N64! Halo stuff came from the PC! Steam now requires you to say who you are. Pilars of Eternity is taking an eternity. PSN wants to give back your money. Sonic Boom on TV. Gearbox got bomb scared. Your calls and emails and more!
21 10/09/2014 7 years of porting On this episode of The BOOP show, That CS Zombie thing is super weird. HotS is back and no wipes this time! DragonAge is free right now. WiiU controller tap thing is not gonna work with other stuff. Call of Duty Advanced Payment is cool. BroForce editor is OUT! Myst is gonna be on TV. Super Smash is a Smash Hit. AC Unity is missing some P's. LittleBiggerPlanet. The Crew is late! Portal is 7 years old this week!
22 10/15/2014 Shootin' on the Moon On this episode of The BOOP show, Nintendo wants to go shopping with you. USU sucks! Civ Beyond Earth has a really intense trailer. Xbox Live Rewards is rewarding. Vine is now on your One. White PS4 in the UK. Amazon is making specific games! Minecraft hits your vita soon. Working iPhone in the land of blocks. Dragon Age Inquizition has all the P's on PS4. LOTS of emails and calls and more!
23 10/20/2014 All the Brothers say BROS On this episode of The BOOP show, Star Trek Online is still boldly going. Final Fantasy is never final. Where do we draw the line? RezEvil the TV show is coming. PS4 bundle is weird. Super Smash Bros. for WiiU has a boardgame! MS and 343 are trying to make the 11th a nice day for you. Why you can't upsell those games. Minecraft movie definately happening now. Warframe now belongs to the Chinese. Hatred gets a lot of Hatred. Jade Raymond says I am OUT! Rob Riggle wants zombies. Great emails and more!
24 10/23/2014 Those Rocks are Grim On this episode of The BOOP show, do not mess with Gabe Newell. WB is working on a MK series. Former EA CEO headed to Unity. HS is getting ready for phone! COD for the PC has easy specs. Digital Xbox tuning comes to the UK. Blizzcon gets all metal. Stanley moved a lot of copies! Playstation Experience is here! Your calls and emails and more!
25 10/27/2014 4X the Dumb On this episode of The BOOP show, Civ games make me feel dumb. Titanfall for ALL! Grand Theft SA is in HD! NHL2k is on your device now. Slender gets rated. Sony has passes for you! PS4 update rolls out this week. ACU is gonna be hard on your PC. NBA Live 15 is on trial! Layoffs hit WildStar team. Your emails and calls and more!
26 10/30/2014 Genre Drifting On this episode of The BOOP show, why we Fluxuate! Nintendo CEO is ok now. DragonAge preloading on Xbox. The Dark Below was not wow's to have in the first place. Oculus film is OUT! Advanced Warfare has a season pass! Costume Quest 2 is ready for you. PS4 users having issues with 2.0 Battlefield Hardline launches in March! Mario Kart 8 gets Excited. Blizzard killin bots. GoG gets Tiefighter. Sunset Overdrive is...great! Nintendo wants to monitor your sleep. Your emails and calls and more!
27 11/03/2014 Evolve With Me On this episode of The BOOP show, Evolve is still evolving, and we should be ok with that. GTA V is about to be coming a VERY big seller. The Internet Arcade is awesome. Xbox Atari cart doc is about to come out. Zombies ate your CoD. LBP3 will let your old stuff come over. Borderlands gives Jack a bigger role. Star Citizen goes all FPS on us. PS4 is doing big numbers. Bethesda says Prey is dead. Xbox Entertainment is no more. Your emails and more!
28 11/10/2014 The Pros of Cons On this episode of The BOOP show, Scott goes deep into what happened on the ground at Blizzcon. Ex-Riot devs have some MOBA fun on your iOS device. Heroes of the Storm gets crowded. Amiibos for 3rd parties could happen. D3 from Blizzcon. Overwatch beta in 2015. Xbox One November update rolling out now. Goblins and Gnomes. SC2: LotV is coming too. Elite: Dangerous gets dangerous on Dec 16th. Vita mega-pack looks solid. Witcher 3 gets 16 free DLC packs. Trials wants 8 of you at once! Your calls and emails and more!
29 11/13/2014 Unify Your Glitches On this episode of The BOOP show, Warlords is fun as one might expect. Issac is better bound on joysticks. MS wants more BattleToads. 3, just cause. The difference between gambling dens and game studios. Creed needs fixing. Kirby has a date with you. Vue is in view. 10mil Xbox1's are out there now. Towerfall falls further into your heart. Dragon Age 3 is doing well with people. Your calls and emails and more!
30 11/17/2014 A Far Cry from the truth On this episode of The BOOP show, All WoW, all the time. Gender ratings are coming! Mighty No. 9 gets less law-suity. Nintendo UK has a new magazine! ET carts go for some sweet scratch on eBay. Double Fine is fine with Steam Early Access. Far Cry 4 is not a far cry from 3. Sony wants to save you some money. Even gives back control! CoD does well on Twitch. GTA5 needs help on day one. Hurt Locker dude is helping with Uncharted. G4 is outta here. Elite is only dangerous online. Your emails calls and more!
31 11/20/2014 Year of the Glitch On this episode of The BOOP show, what happens when you play nice with strangers. Walmart PS4 scams. Smash bros getting raves! New Maniac Mansion? GTA5 doing well! WoW gets it wrong and then right. Majesco might not be long for this world. AC: Unity gets patched. Far Cry 4 is also fixing isssues. JC4 will NOT ship with MP. EA thinks Xbox is coming up fast. HBO GO's to Xbox One. Your emails and more!
32 11/26/2014 Shoot the Shapes On this episode of The BOOP show, Frogger Lives ON! GW3 is damn good by me. Smash is a Smash hit again. Sony and MS are giving you too many games, says Gamestop. You can't test for DriveClub. Do you want your MMO combat-free? Steam Fall sale hits TODAY! MS celebrates one year with gifts. Double Fine cancels one of their own. That Vivendi lawsuit was expensive. Dangerous refunds. Valve says you should have rules. Walmart says no more $90 PS4's. Your emails, calls and more!
33 12/01/2014 A Grey Remote Play Day On this episode of The BOOP show, remote troubles for Scott. Being down on new games. Xbox Japan had to let that guy go. Broken Age gets broken for a little longer. KS suspents the blood brothers. Telltale readys that GoT thing. Happy Birthday, DS! DayZ is hitting beta next year. Sony is looking away from Mobile and TVs. Xbox Gold folks get some nice freebies in December. Your emails calls and more!
34 12/04/2014 Pass Thru On this episode of The BOOP show, Hearthstone is coming fast! Old man Snake is back in business. Sony says here's some sweet holiday deals. Nintendo got sued. Target says no to GTA5 in Australia. The PSX turns 20 this week. The next AC is set in London. Steam wants in on this streaming business. YouPorn has a Dota 2 team. MS says sorry for paying so late. I want the grey PS4. LoL is hitting lower ratings for who knows why. Your emails and more!
35 12/08/2014 The Great Grey Void On this episode of The BOOP show, free games are always a good thing. Gods among us has a bad frame rate. Who won the game awards? Witcher 3 says it needs more time. Uncharted 4 is sexy but familiar. Grim Fandango is soon. Batman looked pretty good on stage. Street Fighter brawls it's way to PS4 and PC only. Drawn to Death looks rad. Gobs vs Gnomes is out! Destiny progress will carry over. Your calls and emails and more!
36 12/11/2014 Get OUT of the Hinterlands! On this episode of The BOOP show, that new Dragon Age is one for the ages. Showtime is now anywhere on your Xbox. MS store giving stuff away again. HS is having trouble delivering cards. Twitch to get someone else on board. New PS4 bundle is a bundle of savings. DA:I has a new patch out. Destiny is already beat! Your emails, calls and more!
37 12/15/2014 Sony Mario Brothers On this episode of The BOOP show, More dragon age is a good thing. Papers Please! Destiny tried again. Sony is making a mario movie. PS+ and XboxLive gave you a lot of free games this year. Nudity is back! Call of Duty needa a call to action! Destiny and CoD are the big winners of the year. Borderlands is getting a remix. Crossing the CrossyRoad. Scrolls is out of beta and on the cheap. Nintendo is saying things about shortages. Legless Peach goes for 25k. Your calls and emails and more!
38 12/18/2014 Oh Brothers On this episode of The BOOP show, Brothers was amazing. COD is in my life again. Steam has a sale for you...again. Telltale gets all blocky. HS is on your tablet now. Amazon offers the best PS4 deal I've seen. What about ToR? ASU is 40gb's too big. Transformers will not be transforming MOBA's for a while longer. Siri, what is the Witcher? Pac-Man shaped eggs? I am IN! Your emails and MORE today!
39 12/30/2014 The End of 2014 On this episode of The BOOP show, a little news but MOSTLY, this is our END of year best of the best episode! Listen in, will you?
40 01/05/2015 A CoOp Weekend On this episode of The BOOP show, Playstation starters up PS Now on the 13th. Limbo is coming to current gen for who knows why. MK X will see Kung Lao. Sony wants to give you some free time after the bad week. Kinect being phased out...for PC. EVE Online player lost $1500 in the game. KS raised 1k per minute. LG wants to go all curvey. Your calls and emails and more!
41 01/08/2015 The CES Pool On this episode of The BOOP show, the deal with Let's Play videos. Tony Hawk says he's back. Smite has Smote Xbox. Nyko has a new drive for you. How PSN works when you have kids. Dota 2 Champs converge in August again. Android people are pirating the hell out of games right now. AC movie has a date with you! Sales of PS4 hit 18.5 million. Razer Fordge wants to plug into your TV. Our 1st preorder ever. Your emails calls and more!
42 01/12/2015 Mario in Earnest On this episode of The BOOP show, Swapping the Swapper. Resogun is good on Vita. WiiU arrives as we record. Mario is getting some more dragons in his life. Apps earned a lot of money in 2014. Games done Quick made a lot of money for charity. Nintendo says NO to working in Brazil. Rogue Legacy leaves a legacy on Xbox this year. Steam Controller looks like a controller now. Minecraft got searched for a LOT in 2014. Notch party looked rad. Your calls and emails and more!
43 01/16/2015 Who put an arcade in your browser? On this episode of The BOOP show, Wii-U in the hizzouse. Mario 3D World is rad. Diablo patch is also rad. The Internet Arcade is super rad. Pillars of Eternity get a date with eternity. Nintendo says something about no AC adapters. Heroes of the Storm is in beta form right now. Mario v DK is cross-play. Pokemon Shuffle is making it's way into your hands soon. More hot deals this week, plus your emails!
44 01/19/2015 Mobile is weird On this episode of The BOOP show, Starships sounds awesome! Finish ALL your games! Playing with controllers on your PC. Blizzard sent something rad to players. 30 million is a lot of phones and tablets playing Minecraft! Another arrest in the Xbox Live / PSN attacks. Halo MCC buyers get a break on Live. Amiibo's are selling like crazy cray cray. Monument Valley is a monument to making money on mobile. Xbox One gets a perminent price drop in the US. The Best adaptation of a game, and MORE!
45 01/26/2015 Not Holograms On this episode of The BOOP show, The Kart is here. Super Mega Baseball is also here. Diablo is STILL here. What's up with Hololens? All the MS announcements as well. How much is that silver box worth to you? ESO goes pay to play. What? Homeworld is homeward bound. GW2 has a new expansion to talk about. There are a lot of DayZ players. Star Citizen could buy a whole star now. PS show, Powers, almost here. Club Nintendo says, I'M OUT! Pats beat the Madden. Elite Dangerous is HUGE! Your calls and emails and more!
46 01/30/2015 Make your own decisions On this episode of The BOOP show, Waiting for the wind, and aiming Skyward! Joystiq and other AOL blogs getting the dump? Good month coming up for PS+. SuperSmash gets some nice updates. Nintendo throws a bone to YouTubers. Lego Jurrasic park is happening. Gold games in Feb are also outstanding. Torchlight 2 actually getting Mac support afterall. Sony takes outmaps and youtube. Free Dragon Age music is free. Dragon's Dogma goes online. Game Awards awarded a second year. Metroid goes cheap. Mario Maker is late! Your calls and emails and more!
47 02/02/2015 SOE goes to Daybreak On this episode of The BOOP show, Windwaker really takes me back. Super Mega Baseball! SOE becomes something weird. Octodad made bank. Ouya got new cash. Steam is paying out stacks of cash. Minecon is not dead. Madden got it right on Sunday. China wants more consoles. Law and Order goes after Gamergate. Evolves match three game is barely ok. Blizzard says no end to Heroes. Your emails calls and more!
48 02/10/2015 Should We Evolve On this episode of The BOOP show, Live action Zelda plans. Katy Perry gets into the game. Amiibo's go Gold. Nintendo says they are trying to keep up. Dying Light is doing mod love. Shadow of Mordor did well at DICE. Activision killed it this year. MKX is not too bad on PC req. Fat Princess gets some adventure time. Bethesda doing the E3 thing. Your calls, emails and more!
49 02/16/2015 Steamy On this episode of The BOOP show, Farcry cheap! D3 Season 2. Monster Hunter still a monster seller. Blizz gets down with Overwatch at PAX. The White House is gaming. Mii app coming to your phone. Nvidia enjoying records. List of 3DS games that work best on on the new one. Doom mod lets you take a selfie. Your calls, emails and more!
50 02/19/2015 Vexxed by The D On this episode of The BOOP show, Diablo is in my blood. Where's Unreal? Rock Band coming back. Rare PS4 got Sony to pony up the cash. Kill Sauron in the final Shadow DLC. Giving aways PSTV's. Gold Mario Walmart only. Notch says he's a bit of a sellout. Zelda is BIG and OPEN. Halo motorcycle riding is dope! 3DS XL is killin it at the store. Your calls emails and more!
51 02/23/2015 Hand of Fate On this episode of The BOOP show, D3 and new microtransactions. Forza 6 has a date. MKX does not require live or PS+. Star Citizen is rich. Kanye is making games now. Evolve is playing a lot of matches. Death Threats suck. NHL 94 was rad. Your calls and emails and more!
52 02/26/2015 Out of Order On this episode of The BOOP show, Homeworld is like home. Gold Mario coming for sure. COD get's DLC out to the rest today. GW2 goes first person. Tomb Raider movie happening and soon. Big PS4 update is happening and soon. Amiibo price drop! GTA 5 is late...again. Valve showing VR stuff at GDC. A BIG chat with Jeff Cannata about The Order and more! Carts today. Your emails and calls and more!
53 03/02/2015 Life is Stranger than you think On this episode of The BOOP show, Life is indeed Strange. Apotheon gets gear on! WoW without the money! Unreal is free! MKX coming to your phones. Valve and HTC get virtual. Trek Online honors Nimoy. Sony goofed...again. Why people buy the consoles they buy. Your calls, emails and more!
54 03/05/2015 The view is Unreal On this episode of The BOOP show, UT feels good in my hands again. HotS is finally hot for me. All these free engines! Steam Link and controllers come from Valve. MS bought Minecraft after a tweet. Rockband is back. Metal Gear 5 might really be the last one. Morpheus hardware done and shipping next year. PS2 turns 15. MK X has all the characters. Your calls and emails and more!
55 03/09/2015 Heroes of the Norm On this episode of The BOOP show, bundles just keep coming. Valve MIGHT bring HL to VR. SF5 coming in the spring. Bleszinkski really likes Valves VR. PSN gets hit every single day, says Sony. Susped finally coming! Heroes gets more stuff. Overwatch gets more stuff. Hardware pages up on Steam. Why Arkham Knight is getting a M rating. Apple Watch will have games...I guess. Your calls emails and more!
56 03/12/2015 Previously, on GTA... On this episode of The BOOP show, Heroes is now my norm. Deer God and the PS4 controller. Scott gets a flight stick. Titanlfall 2 is happening. Grand Theft Auto TV show? BF Hardline is HUGE! Star Citizen is HUGER! The official PS4 update list. CaH enters the digital space. Descent sequel makes decent money. Uncharted 4 is unseen in 2015. NES plays Netflix! Your calls and emails and more!
57 03/16/2015 Crawling for Cards On this episode of The BOOP show, sorry about the file goof! Heroes and Cards. COD gets their old guy back. Tiger Woods move over. Valve gets an F. Life is Strange 2 is out this monty. Oculus says they are not gonna make 2015. Elite get's dangerous with coop. Cities Slylines out Sim's SimCity. MKX gets Jason. Paula Deen has a video game now. Your calls and emails and more!
58 03/19/2015 Come to me, Ori... On this episode of The BOOP show, get ready for more XP. More Heroes, but Ori is on deck. Nintendo gets a big boost on mobile news. What is the NX about. SW:BF coming to all platforms. Sony says Bloodborne is important. Kojima is OUT! League is staying put on PC. PS Vue is fifty bones. Five Nights of giving big money. Why a vita? Trading digital. Your emails and more!
59 03/23/2015 Reserve your vapor today On this episode of The BOOP show, Get your NX preorder now...sorta. Predator wants you to finish him. 3DS almost didnt get it's best feature. PC games on GoG are getting interesting. Zelda TV show update. Halo 3 ODST did not almost happen. Batman get's delayed again! PS2 on PS4. Guitar Hero coming back too. Elite money. Your calls, emails and more!
60 03/27/2015 The Stink on Link On this episode of The BOOP show, the Pillar to my Eternity. Playing PT with the boy. Sega has a lot of games on sale. 175 million CoD's. Xbox Gold stuff for the month. MS won't mess with Minecraft. GameStop doing better than you think! Toejam and Earl get paid. Vita and PS4 updates live. Cities mod lets you fly over town. Broken Age Act 2 coming soon. Your calls and emails and more!
61 03/30/2015 Immoral Kombat On this episode of The BOOP show, Eternity for an Eternity. PT came up AGAIN! Halo 5 has a hot date. Destiny loses one of their own to Fallout. MK lead gets off twitter. PS4 gets all spotty this week. PC changes will get you booted from Origin. Swatting is so not cool. Zelda WiiU is delayed! Asteroids is not getting a good redo. Raise a glass of wine to the Zelda theme. Your calls and emails and more!
62 04/02/2015 Nintendo Bananas On this episode of The BOOP show, Nintendo showed off some things this week. And they could make bank on mobile. Elite on Steam today. GTA looks great at 60fps. Guy spent $22k on Star Citizen and feels fine about that. PS Home is gone to rest. New Gears NOT on 360. Nintendo don't like knock-off mario. You can play pacman in the streets! A load of your calls and more!
63 04/06/2015 DomiNations Denominations On this episode of The BOOP show, Ori is really pretty special. DomiNations is better than it should be. My kids Starve Together. Tomb Raider made a lot of money! OnLive is gone! PS Vita settlement might apply to you. CoD Zombie deaths are many. MS is not making the Kinection. SC2: Void beta might already be in your account. RS Siege PC beta happening soon. Monster Hunter stuff coming. Play Battlefront 3 soon. How to build Mario out of Toothpicks! Lots of calls and emails and more!
64 04/09/2015 RPG Itch On this episode of The BOOP show, Fates needs to lose that shop. RPG cravings are hard to feed. New trailers are interesting. Apple Watch is still game-les. LEGO gets into the Skylanders business. Some people love Uncharted 4 so far. MKX requires a hefty day-one patch. Harry Potter all up in GTA movie. Mattrick is on the run again. GTA for PC has lots of discs. TwitchCon pass prices. Five Nights at the movies. Street Fighter's wrong version. Your emails calls and more!
65 04/14/2015 Poke E. Men On this episode of The BOOP show, Heroes of the Dorm was on. Skyrim on a tablet. iPhone and Android phones get Hearthstone. Bloodborne selling really well. Destiny has an exp coming. Mashup of B characters. Poke Your Mon Movie. Witcher 3 is LONG! Fight as Kratos in Shovel Knight. Age of Empires II gets an expansion. The Old Blood looks like good blood. Your calls and emails and more!
66 04/20/2015 Grand Theft Cave-In On this episode of The BOOP show, caving in and getting GTAV. MKX is quite good. Guitar Hero goes Heroic. Dota 2 has a 3rd Person Mod. No NES for you! Halo 5 trailer shows how you're getting ripped off. Win 10 should be here in July. HoTS is coming OUT in June. E3 is all about games for MS. Fillion to return to the Firefly. Steam say no to phishers. Gearbox loses a BIG one. Smashing Smash money. Your calls and emails and more1
67 04/23/2015 What the crap, Trevor! On this episode of The BOOP show, RockStar says you are wrong. Making it snow on PC. Battlefront is not all about delayed DLC. Get 13 EA games for free. Total War getting all hammery. Halo ODST is coming next month. Mad Max shown off big time. 4 players in Overlord now. Get a Square deal at E3. Selling Skyrim mods is now a thing. D&D in steam also. Your emails and calls and more!
68 04/27/2015 No mods for you On this episode of The BOOP show, Gabe talks out loud obout the paid mod thing. eSports loses a super star. ESPN host things eSports is for dorks. Konami is OUT! So is Silent Hills. Batman features GTA style stuff. Amiibos have CREAMED expectations. Titanfall on the CHEAP! Marvel and Telltale teaming up! Super Mario Noise! And your calls and emails!
69 05/04/2015 My heart is in the Dirt On this episode of The BOOP show, Rare is making a game. Twitter kills fun. Last of Us DLC is stand alone. Minecraft purchased for Hololens. DirectX 12 has some stuff to do. GTA patch kills mods. Britney Spears getting into mobile. PC focused presser at E3. Steam got an adult rating finally. Ouya needs YOU! Calls emails and more!
70 05/07/2015 I Rally like you On this episode of The BOOP show, I Rally Rally like Dirt Rally. Warhammer 40k took my queen. AC game announcement coming. GTA is not banning people with mods. Sony nailed it according to Ricciteiello. Nitendo is doing the theme park thing. And they are making money again. WoW lost 3 million players in 3 months. Oculous Rift has a date, and plans for consoles. DVR in your Xbone. No Sega booth? LOTS of calls today and more!
71 05/11/2015 Ritual of the Night On this episode of The BOOP show, Heroic Dirt! Symphony of the Excited! Surreal is no more! Twitch says NO Witcher early! ACV is coming. MYST coming to TV. Mario Kart to Mobile games. Witcher 3 is selling well already. Newt likes VR. Your calls and emails and more!
72 05/14/2015 RPG Combat Thing Boat Sim On this episode of The BOOP show, Witcher 3 is all over the place. Windward is a thing to own. Assassins Creed seems to be on the right track now. South Park sold well. Rainbow Six is getting dated. Amiibo updates. Sony says no man's sky is like 1st party. Konami is getting out of games, cept on mobile. Blizzard dropped Thrall's ban-hammer this week. Sony seeing Red with new controller. 8 minites of Overwatch! Ubi gives the E3 plans. H1Z1 goes out at night. Your calls and emails and more!
73 05/21/2015 BeWitchered On this episode of The BOOP show, The Witcher has bewitched me. The Frogpants Heroes tournament heats up. Borderlands 3 is coming. Warcraft movie renders look tight. Doom gets 10 seconds of something. Rockstar aint havin it. H1Z1 people are saying sorry to get back in. Pacman gets older. Xbox One TV tuner is out. Rift press event is happening. Need for Speed starts over. Most popular MMO on steam is surprizing. Your calls and emails and more!
74 05/28/2015 The Wii Did It On this episode of The BOOP show, The Heroes of the Pants! Sleeping Dogs wakes up on my HD again. Blizz says why it took out that cigar. WIldstar goes free to play! Non-combat MMO's are coming. Xbox One controller getting updated? Darksiders goes all difinitive. Uncharted 4 has a window. Overwatch playing happening. Expect Bruce in your COD. Man says his Wii burned it all down. Your calls emails and more!
75 06/01/2015 Nintendroid On this episode of The BOOP show, Heroes launches. Witcher witches. Nitendo NX may run Android. Lego has Minecraft fever. Xcom Again. Batman has no loading screens. MS is not buying Konami stuff. Titanfall 2 wont be at E3. Ted Cruz sure likes the video games. Emails and calls and stuff and more!
76 06/04/2015 We can Rebuild it On this episode of The BOOP show, Let's see how Rebuild 3 works out. Witcher 3 and Heroes still dominate Scott's existence. Fallout 4 and everything we know about it so far. Mojang faithful got a wad of cash. Showtime wants your 11 bucks. Heroes getting better vision. DRM-free sales started yesterday. Witcher 3 has no level cap. Steam now lets you return games. Infinite Crisis has a crisis. GameStop bought ThinkGeek afterall. Nitendo NX will NOT run android. New PS4 model with a TB of data storage spotted, and MORE!
77 06/09/2015 Shield Me! On this episode of The BOOP show, Vive is coming to people! Fallout 4 is not going to old consoles for sure! Lots of Diablo in Heroes! Valve is pushing some cash! PS4 is chucking MP for Uncharted. Steam stuff happening soon! Games in the Hall of Fame! Xcom news! Your emails and calls and more!
78 06/12/2015 You Tubed Again On this episode of The BOOP show, Google is launching a 'YouTube built for gamers' to take on Twitch. Oculus Rift Includes Xbox One Controller. Witcher 3 sold well. PS games without a PS. Rachet & Clank is LONG! New VR things! 3DS did pretty good so far! You can fly in WoW, at a price. Play Gwent outside of The Witcher now. KS scammers beware! Guy spent 50k on making his house look like Skyrim. Your calls emails and more!
BOOP SPECIAL 06/15/2015 Bethesda E3 2015 Conference Commentary Scott Johnson and Jon Jagger watch the Bethesda presser at e3 2015 and offer a load of commentary about it as they do. Enjoy!
BOOP SPECIAL 06/15/2015 Microsoft E3 2015 Conference Commentary Scott and Patrick chat live at the MS conference for E3 2015. Enjoy!
BOOP SPECIAL 06/15/2015 Electronic Arts E3 2015 Conference Commentary Scott and Patrick tackle the EA conference for E3 2015!
BOOP SPECIAL 06/15/2015 Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference Commentary
BOOP SPECIAL 06/15/2015 Sony E3 2015 Conference Commentary Hey! How about we get going with this Sony conference?
84 06/17/2015 E3 2015 in a bucket The BIG HUGE boop E3 recap, with Scott and special guest Patrick!

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