One of the memes on The Morning Stream is that people mentioned on the show (in news bits, callers or fans, etc.) will often be assumed to be rightful heirs to the fortune of someone or something with a similar name.

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Show Episode Number Date Name Fortune
TMS 01 01/25/2011 Wendi Dunford Heir to the Dunford bakery fortune
TMS 05 01/31/2011 Jason Robbins (emailer) With all his 31 flavors
TMS 10 02/08/2011 Dave Bing Founder of the third place search engine
TMS 11 02/09/2011 Bristol Palin Heir to the Bristol Board fortune
Heir to the Bristol-Myers fortune
TMS 15 02/16/2011 Susan Gerber Heir to the Gerber baby food fortune
TMS 30 03/15/2011 Rebecca A. Johnson Heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune
TMS 31 03/16/2011 Joan Osbourne Heir to the Ozzy Osbourne fortune
TMS 45 04/11/2011 J. Edgar Hoover Heir to the Hoover vacuum fortune
TMS 53 04/25/2011 Chase Heir to the Chase Manhattan banking fortune
TMS 76 06/02/2011 Scott's neighbors the Blazers Heirs to the Chevy Blazer fortune
Wendi Ann Johnson Dunford Heir to the bakery fortune
TMS 78 06/07/2011 Karl Urban Heir to the Urban Outfitters fortune
Heir to the urban dictionary fortune
Karl-Heinz Urban Heir to the Heinz fortune
Fran Cisco (listener) Heir to the San Francisco fortune
TMS 79 06/08/2011 Barnes & Barnes Future Barnes & Noble executives
TMS 82 06/14/2011 James Hoover (listener) Heir to the vacuum fortune
TMS 218 03/07/2012 Payton Bushnell Heir to the Nolan Bushnell Atari fortune and Chuck E. Cheese fortune
TMS 219 03/08/2012 Wendi Dunford Heir to the Dunford bakery fortune
TMS 304 09/06/2012 Wendi Dunford Heir to the Dunford Bakery forune

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