The Morning Stream Episode # 254 05/17/2012Edit

Commercial: Borden's

Soundbite: "I can smell dem."

Fletcher Intro: "Mountain grown for richer flavor. The Morning Stream!"

Theme: Classic TMS by Eric VanSkyhawk


Utah adopts things like Les Mis and Mannheim Steamroller for no apparent reason.

Scott was up till 3am playing Diablo 3. Brian has never played any Diablo. D3 is his first one. Pro-tip from Scott - don't multiclick! Just hold down the mouse.

Cleveland Steamroller is Brian's Mannheim Steamroller coverband.

Word of the DayEdit

Submitted by: Xalazi

reverse racism

Racism is just racism, no matter what.


From Scott's brother-in-law Ken

(not the same Ken that was a huge polygamist in Utah, but Scott still calls him by that guys name 'cause it's funneh)

Ken writing in to discuss the article from yesterday concerning the earth's resources being depleted. He says the oil shortage is manufactured because there is plenty left and we have many alternative resources.


Scott Fletcher's Film Sack bloopers for Flatliners.

Scott calls Darrell the Hobo of the North.

Brian says Darrell works on the wall and is a Crow, just like Jon in Game of Thrones.

Darrell played Diablo 3 and that's his first experience with Diablo. He really enjoyed it but it might suck him in and never let him out, like WoW.

Stump a TrekNerd with Darrell the TrekNerdEdit

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Submitted by: Iceward

Question: TNG ep A Matter of Honor, Klingon Foods (which this wiki writer cannot spell)

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

-Food intermission! From Bill and Ethan Nobes. Lemon mochi balls.

-Star Trek Birthdays: Matt McCoy

Correct Answer:

Darrell's Answer:

Darrell is a pro-boner!


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Paralyzed Woman Moves Robot Arm With Her Brain

Sugar Can Make You Stupid

Celebrity PoopEdit

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Coroner: 'Swamp People' star Guist died of 'natural causes'


From Freakish Lemon

Episodes 219-219

Intermission CoverEdit

Submitted by: Chris Petit

Song: Ring of Fire

Originally by Anita Carter

Artist: The Romantic States

Album: A Shell is Born

Commercial: Jaguar vs N64

Soundbite: "There's plenty of dert and grass stains."

Fletcher Quote: The Morning Stream - you have the right to kill it but you do not have the right to judge it.

Therapy ThursdayEdit

Weird WebEdit

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Cover FinaleEdit

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Song: Apologize

Originally by



Soundbite: "So whatever I do next just don't hate me!"

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