The Morning Stream Episode # 253 05/16/2012Edit

Commercial: Mark Hamill public service announcement on birth defects.

Fletcher Intro: "A ticking time bomb spells trouble for Scott and Brian! This is The Morning Stream."

Theme: New Theme by


Mark Hamill psa was supposed to have a lightsaber sound at the end.

Mark Hamill now doing voice of The Joker for various animated series.

Scott once again domestically challenged while his wife is out of town.

Diablo 3 launched but is having early server problems.

Word of the DayEdit

Submitted by: Mako

simply click

Brian does technical writing and this does come up a lot.


Skateboards, longboards and ripsticks

Scott reflecting on the death of Mike Wallace. Wendi might address it on Therapy Thursday.

Stump a TrekNerd with Darrell the TrekNerdEdit

Brought to you by: Tim West

Submitted by: IceWarm

Question: Episode Taste of Armageddon

  • A: Fusion
  • B: Graviton
  • C: Disruptor
  • D: Plasma

-Food intermission! From Bill and Ethan Nobes. Lime sticky chews from Japan. Scott and Brian like it - tastes a bit like a gumdrop mixed with cake. A gumcake! The name of Scott's Cake cover band.

-Star Trek Birthdays: Yvonne Craig

Correct Answer: A

Darrell's Answer: A

Darrell is a winner!


Sponsored by: Kickstarter for Grim Dawn

Sleepwalking: More common than you might think,0,2906288.story?track=rss

Scott has sleepwalked once. When he was a teenager, he dreamed he was fighting a terrible fire and woke up to find he was peeing on a pile of clothes.

Brian used to sleepwalk when he was very little. Brian's friend was on a business trip and was awoken by his co-worker who had sleepwalked over to his bed and was about to de-pants. He woke the sleeper up by saying "Can I help you?!". The guy woke up and realized he was recreating his nightly sleep ritual when at home. XD

Report finds two Earths would be needed to sustain human activity by 2030

Read more:

Gnomewise calls in to discuss resources and the two scheduled trips to asteroids in the near future.

Celebrity PoopEdit

Brought to you by: Team walking for Relay for Life

Lady Gaga's Concert Cancelled in Indonesia After Religious Leaders' Outcry; Police Could Not Guarantee Safety

Intermission CoverEdit

Submitted by: Elbatcho for his anniversary

Song: You Are My Sunshine

Originally by The Pine Ridge Boys, written by Haven Gillespie/Oliver Hood

Artist: Stine J.

Album: Mr. and Mrs. Smith Soundtrack

Soundbite: The Empire Strikes Back re-release movie trailer

Fletcher Quote:

Recommentals ExtraEdit

Theme is Nicolas Cage



Season of the Witch

Current GeekEdit

Weird WebEdit

Brought to you by: Nerdtacular 2012!

WARNING: this site has tons of ads with sound

Cover FinaleEdit

Requested by: Adam and Phil

Song: 4 Chord Song

Originally by over 40 different artists

Artist: Axis of Awesome

Album: Animal Vehicle

Soundbite: Picard-"Shut up, Wesley."

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