The Morning Stream Episode # 252 05/15/2012Edit

Commercial: CSI:Miami mashup

Fletcher Intro: "The soundtrack to your morning facial kegel exercises. This is The Morning Stream!"

Theme: Classic TMS by Eric VanSkyhawk


CSI Miami cancelled

Scott and Brian still prefer original CSI

Scott woke up at 1am Mountain to get Diablo 3 and played it before TMS

Diablo 3 was "hand-crafted by little elves at night". - Scott

Scott recommends Monk for mele, Witchdoctor for those who like pets and Demon Hunter for Brian who plays a rogue in WOW

Chatroom suggest Oyster Farmer XD

Word of the DayEdit

Submitted by: Steven

You too

Steven jokes that Darrell is now "The Trek Whisperer" because he has to talk quietly in his new office.


Scott chose his legacy name for Star Wars: The Old Republic - Dirtsmacker! One of his characters who is rather dim, is named Roy. Roy Dirtsmacker. One star reviews from people named Roy.

Nerdtacular 2012 ticket giveaway at the sound of Turpster's twisted laugh.

Email from Walter: (Not the Walt from Comic Book Men, but that show did get a season 2.) 15 Superhero Movies Better Than Spiderman 3 Batman: The Dark Knight Batman Begins Spiderman 1 Spiderman 2 The Avengers Captain America Thor Ironman 1 Ironman 2 The Incredibles X Men: First Class X2 Unbreakable Blade 1 Kickass

Scott and Brian agree with most of this but what about Superman 1 and 2 and Watchmen? The Avengers should be higher on the list. Brian mentioned Mystery Men. The Tadpool added Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Hellboy 1 and 2.

Stump a TrekNerd with Darrell the TrekNerdEdit

Brought to you by: Kickstarter for game Grim Dawn

Welcome to the Trek Whisperer! Darrell is in a new office where he has to whisper at his cube.

Submitted by: IceWarm

Question: In the Next Generation episode Time's Arrow, Data is found dead. They meet Samuel Clements, aka Mark Twain. What other author do they meet?

  • A: Jules Verne
  • B: Jack London
  • C: Lewis Carroll
  • D: Ernest Hemingway

-Food intermission! Japanese Pea Crackers flavored with Garlic. Scott and Brian like them but they are really strong.

-Star Trek Birthdays: Rob Bowman

Correct Answer: B

Darrell's Answer: B

Darrell is a winner!


Sponsored by: Happy Birthday to Mikey Bettencourt from his mom and brother.

Scott thinks his name is another misspelling of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Marijuana may ease multiple sclerosis symptoms

7-Eleven Debuts Low-Calorie Slurpee

Turpster Laugh signals contest for Nerdtacular 2012! Adam from Utah won!

Celebrity PoopEdit

Brought to you by: Cleeo and her chip licking!

Secret Cameo in the Avengers: Lou Ferrigno does voice of the Hulk!

NBC shaking things up for Fall schedule

'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland has kidney transplant

Intermission CoverEdit

Submitted by:

Song: You're My Best Friend

Originally by Queen

Artist: Giuliano Palma


Soundbite: Diablo 3 commercial

Fletcher Quote: Battle tested bayonettes bro!

Fitness GeekEdit

Weird ThingsEdit

Brian Austin Greer Justin Robert Greer

Revolutionary New Theory Suggest Supernovae Radically Affect Life on Earth

Revealed: NASA Plan to Land Humans on Asteroid

Black Magic Spell Causes Cheating Wife’s Lover to Become Stuck Inside Her


Martin writes in to say that electronics on planes don't cause interference, but are dangerous projectiles if things go wrong. Brian says Game of Thrones would hurt more than someone's iPod. Scott and Brian encourage others to write in if they are involved in flight and give more info.

Cover FinaleEdit

Requested by: Happy Birthday Mariochief!

Song: War Pigs

Originally by Black Sabbath

Artist: Hellsongs


Soundbite: "The best tasting pound of wieners you can buy!"

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