The Morning Stream Episode # 131 09/19/2011Edit

Commercial: (The Secrets of) Isis

Fletcher Intro: "I drink to quiet the voices in my head."

Sponsor: Rage Quit Relief


Brian and Scott discuss Saturday morning cartoons, specifically Isis.

Word of the DayEdit

Tunnel-hole (Submitted by Daniel P.)


Brian Dunaway left Scott a message about an ice cream truck called "Jax."

An update on the food testing experiment.

Stump a TrekNerd with Darrell the TrekNerdEdit

Brought to you by: Happy birthday Ben from Mom and Mikey, we love you!

Submitted by: Mike

Question: In the Next Generation episode Timescape, Commander Riker is being treated by doctor Crusher for a fairly deep cut in his forehead. He explains how he got the cut. How did he get the cut?

  • A: Parisi Squares
  • B: Worf's calisthenics program
  • C: Feeding data's cat, Spot
  • D: An explosion on the bridge

Correct Answer: C

Darrell's Answer: C


Sponsored by: The Other Nicole

Real-life 'Weekend at Bernie's'

Pat Robertson is a Heartless Bastard

Barry Manilow likes Ron Paul

Celebrity PoopEdit

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Intermission CoverEdit





Fletcher Quote:

Weird WebEdit


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Breakfast BrawlEdit

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Cover FinaleEdit

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