The Morning Stream Episode # 121 8/31/11Edit

Commercial:Mattel Thunderburp Gun and Machine Gun

Soundbite: "Where did I park my car? Oh no!"

Fletcher Quote: "The sensation of Europe now made in America by Samsonite! This is the Morning Stream!"

Opening Discussion

Talyor gets her photography published in local paper

Scott reading Clash of Kings

Brian watching Friday Night Lights

Word of the Day

zomg - internet term for shock or surprise, omg = oh my god, the z key is right next to the shift key and Brian theorizes that this is the source of zomg.


Bonus word of the day: omg when spoken aloud

Scott says teh substituted for the is ok, slightly funny and ironic.

Scott and Brian discuss useless keys on the keyboard

Danny Trejo joining Sons of Anarchy cast with Ron Pearlman and Katey Segal

Stump a TrekNerd - Darrell the TrekNerd

Brought to you by: That stupid shape shifting episode in season 2 of TNG.

Discussion: Film Sack has already recorded an episode sacking that episode of TNG and will be posting at some point in the near future.

Submitted by:

Question: Lt. Reginald Barkley appeared in several episodes of TNG. What was his first appearance?

A: Genesis

B: The Nth Degree

C: Ship In A Bottle

D: Hollow Pursuits

Answer: D: Hollow Pursuits

Darrell guesses D: Hollow Pursuits!


Sponsor: - World of Warcraft auction monitoring site

Frosted Orbs - new cereal idea based on World of Warcraft?

Scott’s mother-in-law is in for a shock when she listens to TMS

Hurricane Irene keeps 1 million people in the dark

Michelle Bachman article in Seattle times sums up issues with this candidate

Newborn death rates by country

Celebrity Poop

Brought to you by: Regular poops. There's nothing quite like a regular poop!

New Kim Kardashian song is baaaaad

Daryl Hannah arrested in front of Whitehouse for protesting oil pipeline expansion

Justin Bieber crashes his Ferarri

Scott and Brian like rich people who are not douches

Ed O'neill of Married With Children fame gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Porn filming halted after HIV scare

Intermission Cover

Requested by:

Song: Goin' Down originally by Bruce Springsteen

Artist: Vampire Weeken

Commercial: Shaky's Pizza

Soundbite: "Also known as the Third Eagle of the Appocolypse."

Fletcher Quote: "The Morning Stream! With two hosts who don't get stopped by Canadian customs!"

Recommentals Extra with Nicole SpagnuoloEdit

Comic Book Villains

The Machinist

The Darwin Awards

Bonuses from Scott - 3:10 to Yuma and Running the Saharra

Current Geek with Tom MerrittEdit

ATT and Tmobile merger - Dept of Justice just filed a request to block the merger

Hitchhiker's guide app coming

Star Wars changes to blu-ray editions - real or fake?

Dragon Con this weekend - look for Tom, Veronica, Brian Dunaway and more at the Atlanta Convention

Weird WebEdit

Brought to you by: Peppermint oil in the hurts!



Brought to you by: Giant Happy People

Matt S from Vermont - your fake Vermont accents are terrible!

William - anime recommendations Ghost in the Shell and Monster

Mike from California - don't be offended by only some accents, be offended by all or none equally

Unknown - Scott's politics and request for Streetlight Manifesto's cover of Linoleum

Breakfast BrawlEdit

Previous Brawl: Goodfellas beat Casino

Current Brawl: Saving Private Ryan vs Raiders of the Lost Ark

Cover FinaleEdit

Requested by:

Song: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa originally by Vampire Weekend

Artist: Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip

Soundbite: "Our anus is a useful thing indeed!"

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