The Morning Stream Episode # 11 02/09/2011

Sound Clip: Napoleon Dynamite talks to a Chicken Farmer

Scott Fletcher quote:Broadcasting to formerly uncontacted tribes


Opening Discussion

Brian's russian chair, the Gorbachev, has a stain.

Daily Maphook: Your most anticipated video game of 2011.

Dead Space needs Barry. Scott and Brian talk about their most anticipated games.

Word of the Day

Default - Scott Johnson


Sponsor: Sword & Laser Podcast Study shows that aggressive students are more popular.

  • Pregnant Colorado woman is given abortion drug instead of antibiotic. Safeway receives a Turdmonkey award.
  • Allergy sufferers may be at lower risk for brain cancer.
  • Scott Fletcher starts recording his frogpantery live. We got scooters!
  • Woman births and abandons baby in circus toilet.

Dan from England calls in about Marathon Bars. The English call them Curly Wurly.

Inner Tubes(?) calls in with a bonus word of the day: Sanctum. Wet, soppy rectum.

  • Sarah and Bristol Palin tries to copyright their names. Bristol is writing a memoir. Reagan's friends aren't impressed by Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich.

Joe from Wisconsin calls in, claiming that he, momentarily, had scooters.

Harry Baals not likely to have his name on a new building. Brian suggests naming the building the "Peter Wacker Center."

Cover Intermission

Song: High and Dry (Original Artist: Radiohead)

Artist: Amanda Palmer

Commercial: Connect 4

Scott Fletcher Quote: "Now in 3D, but not the good 3D"

Soundbite: "They saw naked people"

Celebrity Poop

Brought to you by: Coverville No perp walk for Lindsay Lohan.

Purchased Dora the Explorer DVD contains porn. They saw naked people.

Local man interviewed about Christina Aguilera's mess-up thinks there is room for improvement . He says "brain fart."

Recommentals - Nicole Spagnuolo

Brought to you by: Movielicious

Shades of Ray - Starring Zachary Levi

The Parking Lot Movie

Operation: Endgame

Cover Intermission

Song: Nothing Else Matters (Original Artist: Metallica)

Artist: Lucky Uke

Commercial: Operation

Scott Fletcher Quote: "Now in 3D, but not the good 3D"


Courtney Love settles $4000 debt with a flower shop. Second Turdmonkey winner of the day.

Weird Web

Brought to you by: Experience Points Comics

Most oboxious bacon-flavored items ever.


Courtney Love settles $4000 debt with a flower shop. Second Turdmonkey winner of the day.

Keith from Maine calls in, placing suspicion on the mother in the Dora-porn scandal.

Brian and Scott talk about the origin cities of M*A*S*H characters.


Brought to you by:



Brought to you by: Hypothetical Help Podcast

  • Natalie K., a military wife sends her well-wishes and thanks</li>
  • UFO over the Dome of the Rock - Jonathan Slater (Oshikiru) from Seattle, Wa.</li>
  • Restricting/fighting against gay marriage is discrimination - Jeff Peterson, Salt Lake City</li>
  • Memories of G.I. Joe with pullstring, breaking - DancingSpock</li>

    5-star reviews

    Scott Fletcher Quote: We got scooters!


    Super Mario Brothers Remix - Chris J. Hampton

    Soundbite: Bonk

    Soundbite: Scott!!!!!

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