Scott Johnson during Episode 109 of The Morning Stream

The Morning Stream Episode # 110 8/10/11Edit

Commercial: Star Trek Anti- Hard Drug PSA

Opening Discussion

PSAs make writers bridge the gap from fantastic storywriting and real-world issues. Children's shows had more PSAs; The More You Know segments seem to have gone away.

Sponsor:, Doghouse Systems,

Word of the DayEdit

Uncanny Valley - Erik Van Skyhawk


Neuroshima Hex is recommended by Brian. Superheroes Documentary discussed, with some respect and some pity. In the end, the documentary, "must be seen."

Scott claims that Wikipedia is broken.

Stump a TrekNerd - Darrell the TrekNerd

Brought to you by: A Bot a Day, at

Discussion: Inter-frogpants podcast PSAs.

Submitted by: Mike

Question: There is a great picture floating around the internet of Captain Picard flipping the bird during an episode of TNG. Which episode is the image from?

A: I, Borg
B: Yesterday's Enterprise
C: Devil's Due
D: The first duty

Answer: C. Darrell guesses B, going 2/3 for the week to date.

Birthday: Vincent McEveety

Discussion: Barbara Bush, the Quaker Oats man. Quaker Granola is hard to pronounce.


Brought to you by: Colorado Department of Transportation - CDOT goes the extra mile to ensure that Denver's highways remain 20 years behind the requirements so you can spend more time listening to TMS.

  • London rioting cancels English Premier League game.
  • Police blame video games for London rioting.
  • Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover unlikely to boost sales.
  • Apple almost overtakes ExxonMobil as most valuable company.
  • Tsunami breaks off Manhattan-sized chunks from Antarctica
  • Morning smoking has a cancer risk . This is the dumbest thing Scott Johnson has read all month.

Intermission Cover

Requested by: Jessica and Matthew, in the chatroom

Song: Tempted (Squeeze)

Artist: Rockapella

Commercial: "Terminate mildew and soap scum with Tilex"

Soundbite: "It's the sleeves, what does it!"

Fletcher Quote: "If women are going to be at home, they might as well be in the kitchen"

Soundbite: "We are Pakleds. Our ship is the Mondor. It is broken."

Current Geek - Tom Merritt

Nicole Spagnuolo not available for recommentals, so Tom Merritt is pushed forward last-minute. Tom asks, "What's going on, where are my pants?" He discusses how Netflix is easier than playing DVDs he owns. He's watching Blazing Saddles. How parents shield their children from objectional content.

  • Diego writes in about movie-safe telephone number: (212) 664-7665.


Recommentals Edit

Brian Recommends Four Rooms.


Turpster calls in, says he's okay, but only vaguely. Jen Mayeux declares her true feelings for Turpster in the chat room.

Celebrity PoopEdit

Brought to you by: Sheen Cream: Rub it in, suckers.

  • Shaq wins huge victory in sex-tape case. Man claims he was kidnapped to give up Shaq sex tape


Weird WebEdit

Brought to you by: Rule 34, where even browser safety settings can't help you now. Whatever you do, don't look up bacon fetish.

Chicken on a Raft .

Sponsor: Doghouse Systems


Brought to you by: Colonel Ty's liver: the hardest working liver in the fleet.

  • Gamefly offers a new download service - John Norris
  • Follow-up on dead forest shark story. - Jason from New Hampshire
  • Thanks for helping sanity in horrific train ride in Europe - Tom Mott from England
  • Iceland is one of the world's main banana-growing countries - Francois Wildemann

Breakfast Brawl

Previous Brawl: Claude Rains loses to Kevin Bacon

Current Brawl: Boris Karloff vs. Robert Deniro

Cover Finale

Requested by: Ethan Fletcher

Song: Separate Ways (Journey)

Artist: A Skylit Drive

Pre-song Soundbite: "I sat on my chips;" "3rd eagle of the Apocalypse"

Soundbite: "They saw naked people." "Scott!!!!"

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