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The Morning Stream Episode 102 6/27/11Edit

Commercial: Kenner's 6 Million Dollar Man with bionic grip and Mission To Mars Adventure Set

Soundbite: "Mmmmm, good, too!"

Fletcher Quote: "The Morning Stream. No matter what fortune cookies say, it is not better in bed!"

Opening Discussion:

-Girdles and Spanx

-Song "Fly Like a G6" refers to a plane and a drink

-New ring tone created with iPhone app Songify (featured on 7/27/11 AppSlappy #91: You have a Spotify on your shirt) of Scott saying, "It burns when I pee."

Show Sponsors: Maphook and Doghouse Systems

Daily Maphook - from b4tankgirl - Which show did you first listen to that made you a part of the Frogpants family? Hook firstfrogpantsshow

Word of the DayEdit

"To try and make things better" - Dennis M. Bonus Word: Vernacular - Scott Johnson


-Roughing it while the family is out of town

-TV series Falling Skies: worth it or not? Chatroom says yes.

-Cable TV getting better and better. See Mad Men, Walking Dead, etc.

-Movie Swimming With Sharks recommended by Brian, Movie The Ref recommended by Scott

-Scott and Brian both married 19 years but age ain't nothin' but a number!

Stump a TrekNerdEdit

Brought to you by - Deanna Troi's dirty, dirty secret.

Discussion: -Vernacular vs Vern-tacular -Picard breaks the Prime Directive alot in season one of TNG -No birthdays today. Darrell does magic with the interwebs to get the birthdays.

-6 Degrees of Separation from Gates McFadden? Impossible!

Soundbite: "There are four lights!"

Soundbite: songify "It burns when I pee"

Question: In the original series episode "Charlie X", Charlie Evans does some card tricks in the recreation room on the Enterprise. One trick involves turning three cards into pictures of Janice Rand. What cards are used in this trick?

A: 3 Aces

B: Jack, Queen, King

C: Ace, 7, 10

D: 3 Queens

Answer: B Darrell is a winner! Charlie Evans uses his power to turn these cards into pictures of Janice Rand. He also does the trick with four Aces where one ends up in her shirt. Charlie has a crush on Janet. His powers and intentions soon become apparent to the crew as they try to form a plan to stop him.


Brought to you by - Daisy. Telling Scott that those shorts he wears when he takes me out for walks sometimes are too loose. I can see your balls from down here. Let's tuck those away, shall we?

-Democrat Rep David Wu resigning over sex scandal ala Weiner

-Wal-Mart Express debuting in Chicago on 7/28/11

-Ikea opening in Denver causes media circus, similar to Ikea/In'n'Out/Krispy Kreme in Salt Lake City

-McDonalds lowering fat/caloric content of Happy Meals but toys still included


-Recommended by Scott, episode 441 of "This American Life" titled "When Patents Attack" discusses the chaos of patent law

-Man attempts self surgery for hernia with a butter knife

-Both Scott and Brian had hernias but Scott also had appendicitis as a teenager

-Septic: future word of the day?

Mashup by FreakishLemon, TMS Episodes 89-92

Cover InterstitialEdit

Bicycle by Queen

Commercial: Mattel's Pulsar the Ultimate Man of Adventure

Fletcher Quote: "A delicious part of your nutritious breakfast...this is The Morning Stream!"

Discussion: Star Trek:TNG casting letter from 1987 has some surprising names


Netflix streaming:

-The Ten (2007) Director: David Wain

-Pretty Persuasion (2005) Director: Marcos Siega

-Strange Days (1995) Director: Kathryn Bigelow

-Bonus movie, still on the big screen: Bridesmaids

Current GeekEdit

Discussion: Moving in to the Twit Brick House and getting everything online.

Geekiness: -Running WindowsXP in a java app -3D Scanner creates dolls with custom, life-like human heads -Uncanny Valley explained on /.

Discussion: Tom Interviewing George RR Martin with Veronica for Sword and Laser

Show Sponsor: Doghouse Systems

Celebrity PoopEdit

Soundbite: "Fashions push politics off the front pages in Paris as top designers unveil their Sprint styles!"

Brought to you by: the Flashpulp podcast

-Amy Winehouse record sales surge in the wake of her death

Discussion: What makes a legend?

-Frank Darabont steps down as show runner of AMC's The Walking Dead

-Crystal Harris, Ex-fiance of Hugh Hefner, shares too much information on the Howard Stern Show

-Celine Dion covers "You Shook Me All Night Long"

Weird WebEdit

Brought to you by: The Instance! You know, for Warcraft players. Weekly at, iTunes and more!

"In Soviet Russia…" Jokes From the site:

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

In Soviet Russia

Poem write you!"

Discussion: Brian Dunnaway and Brian Ibbott have their own weird web site


Brought to you by: Scott's Cold Shower

Discussion: Kim wears the pants in the Johnson house!

-Jody from Iowa writes in response to Brian's wet iPhone that there are special cases available that are waterproof

-email from a Troll

Scott coins the phrase: "This really scrapped my cheese!"

Breakfast BrawlEdit

Wi-fi vs Hardline Hardline wins! Next up: 360 vs PS3

Spotify giveaway to the chat room courtesy of Oscar from The Jim Beam Tribute Team guild on Alacar EU. Winners JenfromTexas, GeeksofChrist, Scottjohnsonrocks.

Discussion: Frogpants first for Brian: ELR Frogpants first for Scott: Coverville

Cover FinaleEdit

Medley of Songs from That's What I Call Music '75 by Bret Domino

Soundbite: "Pulsar! The Ultimate Man of Adventure!"

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