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Scott Johnson hosts this simple look into his daily life. Topics range from work and home, and lots of stuff in-between. The Diary of a Cartoonist podcast uses an introspective stream-of-consciousness format where Johnson discusses a wide variety of topics ranging from the day to day activities in his life to his thoughts about current events.

Unlike Johnson's other podcasts, Diary of a Cartoonist does not have other co-hosts, though his family occasionally make minor appearances. Johnson often records the podcast using his iPhone while engaging in other activities such as driving or walking his dog.

Diary of a Cartoonist Episode ListEdit

Episode Number Date Title Show Notes
159 11/26/2009 "Books and Gifts"
161 01/12/2010 "Stranger in the house..."
162 02/02/2010 "NEX: Part One"
163 02/28/2010 "Honk!"
164 03/30/2010 "Community"
165 04/13/2010 "The Radical Center"
166 05/04/2010 "N10"
167 05/14/2010 "My imaginary dwarf, black, gay friend"
168 07/22/2010 "My grenades are broken"
169 08/21/2010 "From the gut"
170 09/15/2010 "The forward path"
171 09/23/2010 "The Open Road"
172 11/11/2010 "Leaf Kicking"
173 12/07/2010 Holiday Inspiration Some thanksgiving stuff with my niece and nephew, and a then some thoughts about creative inspiration and why it sucks sometimes.
174 07/15/2012 Back in the Saddle
175 07/20/2012 Making sense of bad things
176 07/27/2012 Olypian Effort Some talk of Olympics, ripping out the cord, sending kids to college, paying for it all, and why we are more freaked out as we get older.
177 07/30/2012 Bag of Random Kids goofing off for a whole summer. A trip to the downtown SLC farmer's market thing. Really cool painting idea. Lots of dogs there. I have some thoughts after a jog. It's a random bag Diary Day!
178 08/12/2012 Vegas or Bust Took the family to Vegas, saw a Trek convention, and hung out with Brian Ibbott. I'd call that a successful trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Enjoy!
179 08/22/2012 Eyes, Kids, and Stuff Some thoughts on my eye surgery, an old story from 2004, and sending kids off to school is weird.
180 09/05/2012 Radio Days I talk a bunch of the history, current state, and future of radio, and why I think it sucks. And more.
181 09/19/2012 Answer my Question
182 10/21/2012 Octoberpest
183 11/14/2012 When to End Thoughts on when to know when you should end things.
184 11/27/2012 Parentitus Some deep talk about parenting through rough spots, and how I see my future with family.
185 12/18/2012 True to yourself Some fun out and about clips, and some time to think about what it means to be honest with yourself and your audience.
186 12/24/2012 Merry Christmas Just some moments with my family and I, wishing you a merry Christmas this year.
187 02/14/2013 Second Wind
Nerdtacular 2013 Q&A 03/28/2013 Nerdtacular 2013 Questsions and Answers! Sit a spell with Scott as he answers live questions about Nerdtacular 2013, and what people can expect from the big event this year in July!
188 05/31/2013 Who made that Talking about making stuff on the internet.
188 07/08/2013 Aftermath Chatting it up about Nerdtacular, returning to normal life, the loss of life, lunch with friends, and much more.
189 07/29/2013 Kids in the Car In the car with Nick, chatting about stuff, and later a conversation about how to not hover parent.
190 11/26/2013 Thankful Things
191 12/01/2013 What's in a name Chatting it up about names of things, vacations, staying stressed, and branding...and why Break is dumb now.
192 12/10/2013 Private Stuff Talk about the new show with Tom Merritt and I, and answer a bunch of your questions.
193 12/14/2013 Ten Thousand Hours Scott and Carter sit down and talk about the 10,000 hour rule.
194 01/06/2014 Desparately Seeking Something Talking about stigmas and Madonna's movie career.
195 01/10/2014 Cheaters Lets talk about cheaters today
196 01/14/2014 Body Modifications Let's talk about Body Modifications and what it means for society to be either cool or bugged by it.
197 01/21/2014 We've come so far A little chat about a listener question about how to make 20 years of marriage work in the world we live in today. Or something akin to that. :)
198 01/28/2014 The Heart of It Let's talk about being inspired by those that came after you.
199 03/08/2014 Teamwork is good Some talk of wives leaving, and keeping the other children alive with food and water, among other things.
200 04/11/2014 Mortality Let's talk about our mortality, and emails that confound me.
201 04/16/2014 Someone made this Let's take about what it means to fight the good fight for internet fair use, and how that works for artists today. And, some stuff about axiality disorders. And a few other odds and ends.
202 04/21/2014 Lessons Learned I sit down with my son, Nick, and chat about games, movies, and what lessons can be learned from our father / son relationship. We think you'll enjoy this one.
203 04/29/2014 The Neutral Space Let's sit by the fire and talk about the neutral space. Or ZONE if you like Trek. Anyway, it's not about sci-fi things. It's about real life things. Give it a listen.
204 05/31/2014 Random Things
205 06/18/2014 Commiserate
206 07/08/2014 The sum of all things Let's do a N14 post-mortem. Also, what's the deal with life anyway? And more about favoring things that hurt now.
207 08/05/2014 Of Geese and Marriage Let's take a minute to be chased by a goose, and then to get deep about what marriage means to a father of the bride.
208 08/12/2014 Mortality Some time with the kids, and then some thinking by the lake. What does it even mean when famous people die? Is it about them? Or you and me?
209 08/18/2014 Lighter Fare From new suit, to car, to kids, and more or less just a happy upbeat diary. Enjoy!
210 08/25/2014 All over the place Some thoughts on my own, some thoughts with my wife, some stuff with my daughter. Kinda all over the place with this one.
211 09/01/2014 Leaning into it Today, things get pretty personal.
212 09/10/2014 Con and Gone We do a little SLCCC reporting, and then have a nice sit on the porch and cover the things burning holes in my head.
213 09/16/2014 Wedding Bells Very close to the wedding, so I have things to say about it. Moreover, what's the deal with these 2000 kids!? ;)
214 09/22/2014 Looking Back A diary episode dedicated to my daughter, who was married this weekend. Figured this was a great way to express some of what’s in my head and heart at the moment.
215 10/11/2014 The Kindness of Strangerinos Some car talk, some lake talk, and some real talk, on this edition of The Diary of a Cartoonist with Scott Johnson.
216 11/01/2014 Solving Problems Scott has some ideas on how to fix the internet, and at the same time, not fix it at all, on this edition of The Diary of a Cartoonist with Scott Johnson.
217 12/16/2014 A Warning From The Future Future Scott comes back from the far flung future with advice that could save us all, on this edition of The Diary of a Cartoonist with Scott Johnson.
218 01/09/2015 The Prehistoric Bowl Let's talk about the weird place Scott lives, why the whether gets on his nerves, and why you guys are his collective therapist, on this edition of The Diary of a Cartoonist with Scott Johnson.
219 01/23/2015 Bottom's Up! Scott sits down and chats it up about his big test, and thoughts on how kids are getting through school these days.
220 01/29/2015 Everyone Likes Ham
221 03/22/2015 What's over the fence?
222 06/11/2015 Back 'Em Up! Parents straying too far from their kids. That's the topic tonight.