Scott, Brian, guests and the Tadpool often joke that something said on the show would be a great cover band name. Here's a handy dandy list!

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Cover Band NamesEdit

Episode Number Date Band Name Utterer
207 02/15/2012 Providential Catch is the name of my Phish cover band Tom Merritt
209 2/20/2012 I used to play base for the Stigmatics. ...The Eurythmics cover band, they were great Brian and Scott
253 5/16/2012 Simply Perspective was my Wang Chung cover band name in high school Brian
253 5/16/2012 Gum Cake was the name of my Cake coverband Brian and Scott
254 5/17/2012 Cleveland Steamroller is my Mannheim Steamroller coverband Brian

Episode ScanningEdit

Episode Number

205 In Progress
206 Complete
207 Complete

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