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Episode Number Date Title Show Notes
1 09/30/12 The Constant Reboot Welcome to our first episode! Scott Scott Marc and Stephen tackle Avengers vs X-Men and what is about to happen to professor X. Liefeld and his blowup on twitter. DC and what they'll do now that all the new 52 dust has settled, some Kickstarter comics talk. The Sixth Gun, The Grogan, Walking Dead 100, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Transformers Autocracy, The Last Man, Harvest, Fatale, Atomic Robo, and TMNT on the reading list. A look at MODOK, and MORE!
2 10/19/2012 Half of Superman Welcome to episode 2! We run down the breaking Superman lawsuit news, The Sixth Gun TV prospects, the idea that you can now submit your own creator controlled comics to Comixology and make a little scratch, Stan Lee Media sues Marvel, and Stan Lee has nothing to do with it, Kurtz makes a passionate argument against doing anything with Peanuts ever again, our thoughts on Arrow, Mage: The Hero Discovered, Elementals, Grendel, Green Arrow: Year One, Ultimate Spiderman and AvX stuff, Matman 13 and the return of The Joker, The Shadow, and MORE!
3 11/29/2012 The Cost of Doing Business Join us while we hash out the REAL costs of making independent comics, with a surprise guest in the form of Jim Zub, talking about his recent viral post on the subject. Plus, some talk about Disney and Starwars comics, the rumors regarding the new X-men movie cast, Adobe and what they have planned for your PS consumption, books we are reading, and a look at the dumb super animals that DC go all into during the late 50's and early 60's. ENJOY!
4 01/10/2013 Why the last man again? Y the last man got a director, Comics Buyer's Guide is no more, Marvel has some lego fun for you planned, buying D'Jango Unchained action figures are problematic, we predict this years comic book movies and their success, what we're reading, and MORE!
5 02/28/2013 Robin is what now? We talk about the next big comic character that's about to die, Amazing Spider-Man 2 getting the Chris Cooper treatment, Orson Scott Card under fire for writing Superman, we talk about some of the cons around the country, and how they compare to each other, new books we're reading, and some great listener emails to boot!
6 03/22/2013 The Issue One Issue We dig deep into the server meltdown of 2013 with Marvel's issue 01 thing, JManga shuts down sooner than they'd like, Gaiman returns to comics and brings Angela with him, Superman continues to be creator kryptonite, Archie and Zombies, Ant Man footage gets yanked, free comic book day thoughts, more Clone Wars thoughts, indie comics to avoid, Superman lost his wiener, and more!
7 04/04/2013 Keep X and A apart Still no word on that Marvel number one thing, Redford is in the next Cap movie and says he's in charge, Morrison says there should be no new robin, Carmine Infantino passes on, a bunch of quick news, Scott K is reading the all new X-men and not loving it, Scott is reading Planetoid and loving it, Starcraft and hating it, 6th gun remains awesome, and digging into New Avengers as well, Marc is ok with Harvest, sort of ok with Scarlet, and iffy on All Star Western, and Stephen tells the tail of Rust Volume 2, your emails and more!
8 04/25/2013 Invincaburp We dig deep into all the comic related trailers hitting the web lately, the state of editorial cartoons and why it might be a dying art, why they stopped selling Ironman tickets for a while, GoComics is an app now, why colorists get no credit for their work at DC still, free comic book day gets a nod, Scott K is into 60's era manga, Scott J can't get enough of The Killer, Marc's Kingdom finally came, Stephen is pretty stoked about the big 102, emails about whether or not you should start at square one, and what series we think everyone should read! Enjoy!
9 05/16/2013 The Canadian Heroes? We dig deep into what we liked about Iron Man 3, dissect the Lego Batman movie, discuss the Agents of SHIELD, dig deeper into the world of Canadian comic book heroes, a bunch of smaller news, Scott is reading the hell out of Hawkeye, Stephen is dusting off the comic strips of yore, while Kurtz and Marc are here in spirit. :) Some great emails too. Enjoy!
10 06/06/2013 You are renting your comics What happens when you find a copy of Action Comics #1 in your wall, DC pricing changes has taken effect and no one is happy about it, Paul Jenkins is leaving the big two, we talk about spoilers and what the rules should be, looking forward to the new 75th anniversary animated short for Superman, Scott K is reading Age of Ultron and likes it, Sperra is really good too, Astro City 1 is out and Scott and Stephen both give it a spin, Marc takes the bullet and reads Poop Office so we don't have to, and MORE!
11 06/27/2013 Man of Destruction We dig DEEP into Man of Steel and come out clean on the other side, Michael Rosenbaum wants back into the Superman world, Kick Ass 2 makes Jim Carrey very uncomfortable, a slew of quick news, we talk about what we're reading, talk about which hero is the right hero, and more!
12 07/25/2013 Hall H for Hell We get the scoop on all things SDCC from Kurtz on the ground, superman and batman will fight and then probably make up on the big screen, there will be guardians of our galaxy, Avengers take on Ultron, Wolverine opens this weekend, The Baltimore Comic-Con is happening Sept 7 - 8, Dragon Con separates itself officially from co-founder and accused pedophile Edwar Kramer, Max Landis will not be involved in Chronicle 2, Marvel may own the patent on Comixology's Guided View, Bob's Burgers getting the comic book treatment, The Darkness film is coming, and it will feature Witchblade, what we're reading and MORE!
13 08/22/2013 Daredevil is Batman Ben Affleck is the new Batman, get ready for the Marvel Traveling Experience, Disneyland to get the Thor rides this fall, there are people upset about Heroes of Cosplay, what is the stranger about anyway, TMNT delayed to later next year, Venom is OUT, Sweet Tooth, Sandman, Wolverine, 100 Bullets, Batman Year One again, and your emails!
14 10/24/2013 Under locke and key
15 12/13/2013 Archie's Afterlife Wonder Woman will live on as Gal Gagot, and we are not that worried about her, but we are worried about too many heroes in the kitchen, DC to do the low budget movie thing for a test, Marvel and Netflix love each other, Archie does good with giving a lot of money to charity, Marvel cancels A+X, lots o little stuff, Scott K gives you tv worth watching, Scott J recommends old stuff sometimes, Marc loves him some Superior reading, and Stephen can't say enough about Archie's Afterlife, your emails and more!
16 01/23/2014 Batman done hurt his leg This time on ComicDorks, Batman and Superman are procrastinating, what's the deal with all the Stan Lee hate, lets talk about the Superiority complex in Spiderman, Image Comics and how to do digital rights, losing all your comics in one robbery, Kingsley gonna be in a marvel comic once, lots of good reads, emails and more!
17 02/20/2014 Guard Your Galaxy This time on ComicDorks, what we think of that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, Johnny Storm is back, The Clone Wars to finish on Netflix, Marvel has new Spiderman news, a new take on The Man of Steel, The Caped Creator, Gotham gets some casting news, DC cancels the movement, Punky Brewster finally gets comic book treatment, we rip into She-Hulk number 1, emails and more!
18 04/17/2014 Put a Cap on it This time on ComicDorks, Amazon and ComiXology, Cap2 and what we think about it, Eisner noms are out, big weekend for comic readers coming soon, Cap 3 has a date, JARVIS is busy, Nightwing is no longer Nightwing, BSG looking for film again, Bruce Timm die a cool thing for Batman, GoT renewed, Scott J gets all into old Marvel, Marc gets into current Marvel, Stephen gets all up in Batman's face, your emails and more!
19 08/12/2014 How Marvel pulls it off This time on ComicDorks, we finally talk about why Guardians was so rad. DC and Marvel have a HUGE list of movies being made right now. ComiXology goes mostly DRM free. San Diego is not happy with SLC. Animation Price Fixing! Mile High is not coming back to SDCC. BOOM got some sweet love for the Harvey Awards. 75 years of Marvel. Planet of the Apes meets Star Trek. DC Comics goes nuts with lego, and more!
20 08/26/2014 Spider-Woman freaked everyone out This time on ComicDorks, Action Comics gets some more big money action. Guardians is the biggest summer movie maker. Sexy Spiderwomen has everyone in a freakout. Dame to Kill for is dying at the BO. Amazon and Twitch. Stunt comics! Scott reads Grant Morrison's JLA run. Scott K. is reading a lot of DnD. Stephen gives Multiversity and Fade Out a look, and more!
21 09/10/2014 Shredder Reads a Book This time on ComicDorks, No ironman for Downey. Scott has a recap of SLCCC. The Harveys wrapup. The Rock gets his Black Atom costume out. What's up with this new Batmobile? Arkham Knight shows up next June. We run down the next comicbook movies and tv shows slated with dates. GotG made a LOT of money this year. Scott K. is playing games! Scott Jay is spending time in the Wild Blue Yonder. Marc gets his TMNT on. Stephen is ready to eat ALL the Nu52. And more!
22 09/30/2014 Gotham needs a hero This time on ComicDorks, Kirby and Marvel bury the hatchet. Gotham is out and how we feel about it. Supergirl goes to CBS. Disney Infinity 2.0 hits and hits hard. Dungeon Masters Guide delayed. Age of Ultron synopsis is here and it has things in it. Singer to sing Xmen again. DeadPool gets a real movie. TNT is cool to get Teen Titans. GotG made ALL the money, and more!
23 10/14/2014 Civil War is a HUGE undertaking This time on ComicDorks, Marvel is doing a Civil War movie. NYCC was BIG this year. Daredevil popped up in Netflix early! Secret War coming back in 2015. Gotham got a full season order. Archie meets The Predator! Dynamite to publish James Bond comics. GofG gets all animated and stuff. Firestorm coming to Flash, and more!
24 10/28/2014 When you're Strange This time on ComicDorks, that Avengers 2 trailer seems pretty special. Cumberbatch might be Strange. WB has a lineup ready to talk about for the next 10 years. Archie is on TV now. The Flash is doing really well. Mockingbird is here. Scott K is playing a lot of video games. Scott is reading BIG books. Marc is going all indy this week. Stephen loves central, and more!
PSA 01/13/2015 Where we at, doe. A quick PSA about ComicDorks in 2015

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