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List of Autopilot Episodes - Podcast Homepage

Autopilot is a podcast where Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson review pilot episodes of TV shows. The show is recorded in 12-episode seasons.

Episode 00 of Autopilot was posted to iTunes on March 10, 2012, but Autopilot was not formally announced until Episode 222 of The Morning Stream on March 14, 2012, during the Current Geek segment with Tom Merritt.

On September 13, 2012, a KickStarter was launched to fund season 2 of Autopilot. Funding ended after one month. Stretch goals were met to support 13 episodes in season 2 and to fund season 3 as well. 8 backers at the heighest tier were allowed to choose a pilot and apear on the show as a guest. Guests are shown in the List of Autopilot Episodes.

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