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Big News Of The WeekEdit

WoW Might Come To Cell Phones, Kind OfEdit

Frank Pearce, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, stayed late at the DICE video game summit just to share some previously hard-to-track-down details about development at Blizzard. According to Stephen Totilo’s article at, Pearce looks a bit like Stone Cold Steve Austin – shaved head, goatee, drinks two beers at a time (ok we made that last one up). Pearce confirmed, clarified, and hinted at many interesting things:

Rumors and ScuttlebuttEdit

Welfare Epics May Be Going Prime-timeEdit

Over the last day or two, players on the Public Test Realms have begun to report that Blizzard may be taking the controversy between players who obtain gear primarily through PvP and their counterparts who raid ingame instances to a whole new level. They’re testing a system where Arena Gear would be obtainable in exchange for PvE tokens in patch 2.4. Tier 4 tokens would get you season 1 gear, T5 & T6 tokens would get you season 2 gear, and the new Sunwell tier tokens would get you Vindicator gear. It also appears that Badges of Justice would be the currency for all PvP gear, such as your Veteren’s set… if you really wanted it.

Catch A Tigole By The Tail, Ask Him About AttunementsEdit

Jeff Kaplan, aka Tigole, made an appearence on the WoW forums yesterday, and dropped a few tidbits about what he hopes will become of attunements for players who are playing alts to endgame, or playing through level 70 content post-WotLK.

Don’t Miss The Grizzly Hills!Edit

Blizzard dropped a nice update to the WotLK preview site on Thursday –a whole page of video and screenshots and text about the Grizzly Hills, a zone in the forthcoming Northrend continent.

Town CryerEdit

Melissa A., aka Izz, a lvl 70 warrior on Draka writes:

I’ve played a warrior on and off for the last year, finally reaching 70 a few months ago. Thing is, I hate playing it! I seem to take far too much damage and I don’t do enough in return. I’m hesitant to start raiding because I often die even when I’m farming. How can I “buff” up my warrior so I can hold my own in a fight?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Burning Crusade, The MovieEdit

First and foremost, this thing is huge. Weighing in at 770MB, the English version of this French production is going to take you a while to download. But it is worth it. Burning Crusade, The Movie is primarily an expose of all of the bosses in the level 70 raids, in the style of a raiders night of all-the-bosses takedowns.

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