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Big News Of The WeekEdit

It’s Your Wow Character, In Your Living RoomEdit

We interview Ed Fries, operator of – the hot new provider of 3D figurines made directly from your actual character in World Of Warcraft.

Rumors and ScuttlebuttEdit

The Winter’s Feast Has Been UnveiledEdit

Little orc boys and gnome girls all over Azeroth awoke this morning to find that Greatfather Winter has arrived in Orgrimmar and Ironforge – The Feast Of Winter’s Veil is here.

Remember That Thing We Talked About Last Week?Edit

You know – the amazing box of stuff that we apparently talked to much about, sacrificing our credibility? WoWInsider is giving one away. The whole thing. And it’s worth $5000 or so. Link in the show notes. Moving on!

Town CryerEdit

Halfdolla writes: I read an article in my newspaper, The Oregonian, that World of Warcraft players in America outnumbered farmers. I was wondering how this could be true? You would think that the people who produced are food would outnumber the people who played a video game.

Kyle M. writes: the rhino would SO win its scary!

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Elite Fish VendorEdit

Koobluh took the Dethecus realm trade channel to the web, and we approve. It’s only a matter of time before this concept spreads to every realm and faction. You log onto this free website, and choose the items – mostly fish – that Koobluh has to offer, and then he mails them to you COD in-game.

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