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Big News Of The WeekEdit

That Sound You Hear? That’s The Sound Of A New Patch Turning WoW Into Win!Edit

Patch 2.3 to World of Warcraft went live one week ago, and thus far, players are reporting a deep satisfaction like never before.

Rumors and ScuttlebuttEdit

WoW Is So Good, They’re Just Giving It AwayEdit

Here’s the rumor: A Chinese newspaper named RedlineChina is reporting that that The9 (the company that runs World of Warcraft in China) is considering changing the game to a “free-to-play” model.

See The Funny 2.3 Bugs Before They Get FixedEdit

As with all patches, 2.3 had some surprises for unsuspecting players. We’ve noted a few of the stranger ones for you to go find in the game, that is, until Blizzard fixes them:
- Get on your Alliance character and fly from Booty Bay to Stormwind
- Go hang out in Hatchet Hills outside Zul’Aman, and watch your combat log
- Duel a Hunter with a snake trap near players of the other faction
And the not so funny:
-The new Field Repair Bot says it has 5 charges, but it is expiring after one use

Tigole Speaks, People ListenEdit

Warcry posted an interview with Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan (WoW’s lead designer) last Friday, and while he didn’t drop any bombshells, he did answer some questions. A summary:
-Blizzard wants to move away from grinds
-Open up more endgame content for players
-Incorporating daily quests into more facets of player advancement.
-”Humans, Dwarves, Tauren, and Trolls will all have their storylines developed further” in Northrend.

Town CryerEdit

Zach T. writes:

I was thinking to my self how much do i play this game, and how much is too much? I worked out that i play 83+ hours each week easily!

Zurtrim from the Norgannon Realm writes:

It would be nice if the fishing profession included some recipes for lures that you could make which would target a specific fish. So if you needed a specific type of fish for your cooking recipe, crafting and attaching this lure would increase the drop rate for you.

Double Drop Of The WeekEdit

Halbrium Teaches You How To Shaman!Edit

“I am Qubec so please excuse my unexcellence typing.”

Mr. T and The Shatner on WoW

William Shatner, Mr. T, and Verne Troyer are asking, in a series of national television commercials:
‘What’s Your Game?’ The answer, fool, is World of Warcraft!

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