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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Blizzard Is Austin-taciousEdit

On Wednesday, Blizzard co-founder and President Mike Morhaime delivered the opening keynote address at the Austin Game Developers Conference. Called “How to Rule the World (of Warcraft): Ten Lessons”, it was an opportunity for everyone interested in WoW and MMO Gaming, from casual players to developers, to get inside the head of the most succesful gaming executive on the planet.

Rumors and ScuttlebuttEdit

The Incredible Changing Gear SizeEdit

Most every day the last couple of weeks, players have been taking screen shots of their characters on and off the Public Test Realms, and posting pictures on various websites that show their armor (mostly shoulders on Night Elves) or weapons stretched to different size in the fortchcoming patch.

So, This WoW Thing Is Popular?Edit

ActionTrip put together a rundown of the five most popular online game communities this week, and as you can imagine, since we’re talking about it, WoW was in their top five. The other four: Counter-Strike, RuneScape, The Sims, and Halo.

The WoW “Under Development” Page Is BackEdit

It’s broken down into sections called “Almost Ready”, “Coming Soon”, and “On The Horizon”.

Town CryerEdit

Kyri writes:
With the filter system on Wowhead, you could easily find every listed/linked rare elite mob in the game so far. Sortable by level, zone, etc.

Dylan B. writes:
Can I join your guild?

Yes! Just go here, and you’re on your way!

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Make Your Own EpicsEdit

WoW Item Creator is back. We started getting e-mails this week with links to funny fictional game items, like we used to when the original WoW Item Creator was online. It’s back, and the layout of the website is very nice.

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