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Big News Of The WeekEdit

New Expansion DetailsEdit

Over the past week, we’ve gotten more from the interview that the French site Monde Persistants did with Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan and Art Director Chris Robinson in Leipzig. Put these all together, and it’s a fresh breath of Lich King details:

-First and foremost, before the expansion, Blizzard intends to release new daily quests along with Sunwell Plateau.

-Your first level 70 5-man instance in the expansion may be The Nexus.

-Death Knights may be able to do inscription on any weapon, with their Rune powers.

-Remember the Titans? Of course you do if you’ve ever been to Uldaman or Maraudon. Their next Instance encounter will be in Ulduar, which will be a raid instance.

-There will be a few instances underground at Azjol’Nerub, and they will be populated with Nerubians.

-The main boss in the Caverns Of Time: Stratholme instance will be Mal’ganis.

Rumors and ScuttlebuttEdit

Punk My RideEdit

Blizzard CM Salthem dropped a hint on Thursday, implying in a post on the EU forums that there may be “earrings and tattoos”, in addition to hairstyle changes available to your characters in the second expansion.

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Drop Of The WeekEdit

Rare Mobs And Where To Find ThemEdit

As part of our previous contest, Kevin S. sent us this handy resource: It’s a fully linked list of every rare spawn mob in the game. Rare spawns are those mobs that have a special name, a bit better stats than their counterparts, and always drop uncommon (or better) loot. If you haven’t jacked up your UI like Randydeluxe, rare mobs appear with a silver dragon around their icon when you target them.

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