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Big News of the WeekEdit

It’s Like 2010, Only You Add 1 To The EndEdit

Happy New Year! There is nothing quite like the changing of the date to make us take stock of what has happened in the game, the community, and for Blizzard over the last 12 months. And there’s nothing like a new year’s arrival to make us want to look forward and try to understand what’s coming. We’re going to do this in 13 parts.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

So What Do We Think Is Coming in 2011?Edit

Let’s make some educated guesses, and then do our best to distance ourselves from them as the year goes on:

Town CryerEdit

Medasin from Shadowmoon writes: I went to my local best buy to look at external hard drives on which I could keep the bulk of the Warcraft content on and in turn freeing my computer of so much space. Well to my dismay when I asked a “Geek Squad” team member about doing this, they said I was mistaken that I could not play any large game which required installation using an external hard drive. He said I could only play small flash games off of them. Would you mind clarifying if this is indeed possible and how it can be done?

Jason W. writes: We have six tiers in our guild structure. In order to advance to the second rank, and gain access to higher slots in guild bank you have to have and authenticator. Most members think that reasonable, but we had one guildie leave the guild when they read that rule saying we were paranoid and that they were not going to spend more money to play a game they already spend money on to play. Are we justified in asking that your account be authenticated in order to keep from the guild bank being attacked?

Rumors & ScuttlebuttEdit

He Still Can’t Decide Between Betty And VeronicaEdit

By far the most common question we’ve seen over the last month is this one: “What’s that Archaeology mod called?” We’ll we’ve got it for you right here, and also in our show notes. [1]