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Big News Of The WeekEdit

He’s Huge, He Can Fly, He’s Fiery, And He’s Pissed!Edit

As if you weren’t fully aware of the obvious, we are one week away from World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the third expansion to WoW, and all its pleasant delights! We are also now one week past The Shattering, that night last week when Deathwing flew all over Azeroth and destroyed the very landscape, in addition to most of some of the cities we love. Don’t worry, they got partially-rebuilt really quickly. Like, immediately. But there is still some scaffolding up. Sorry about the mess.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Do We Get Results, Or What?Edit

One week ago, on the eve of The Shattering, we discussed the cost to the player who decides to take up World of Warcraft for the first time now, or in the near future. Something then happened that seems to happen a lot with The Instance: On the very next day, literally withing a couple of hours of posting the show, Blizzard slashed the prices of the original game and the first two expansions.

Town CryerEdit

Kevin I. writes: I just returned home from serving with the Air Force in the middle east and I was looking to pre-order Cataclysm Collectors Edition and do an in-store pickup so I can play the day of launch. Seems like all the stores in northern Utah are not selling them or are sold out and won’t hold on to one for me. I was wondering if you know where i can pick one up the night of. Waiting 3-5 days on shipping and paying twice the MSRP is not something I’m willing to do if i can avoid it. I don’t really want to buy it twice, one regular copy for launch day and one collectors edition 3-5 days later.

Cataclysmic Drop Of The WeekEdit

We’re doing this one last time, folks!Edit

The Cataclysm is upon you, and you need some websites. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, we want you to benefit from all the web has to offer by way of helping you find hat you need in-game over the next few days and weeks. This list will be updated as we come across more best-in-class sites to bookmark:

  • Fishing
  • Pet finding
  • Jewelcrafting and gem fitting
  • Mounts mounts mounts
  • Archaeology