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Big News Of The WeekEdit

WoW Is Back On DeckEdit

Blizzard’s spin-off company Cryptozoic released their first set in the WoW Trading Card Game this week, and it’s called Wrathgate.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

It’s The Eve Of Ruby SanctumEdit

Public Test Realm testers have been looking at the quickly forthcoming Ruby Sanctum patch to World Of Warcraft. The Ruby Sanctum is the gathering place for the red dragonflight, and it’s about to be attacked by the black dragonflight in their nefarious plot to enable Deathwing’s return.

Town CryerEdit

Andy from London writes: Do you guys think that Blizzard should really change the DK starting level to 65? The DK starting zone was amazingly fun with lots of set-pieces and backstory to explain how you became free of the Lich King. However there is a big sense of disconnect from this story when you step into Outland to fight Illidan, which makes absolutely no sense for a Death Knight to do. Wouldn’t it be better to finish the DK starting area at level 68 instead of level 58?

Cataclysmic Drop Of The WeekEdit

Round Round Get Around, You Get AroundEdit

This is the fourth in our limited series, where we’re highlighting things for you to do in WoW that you might not ever get to do again after the Cataclysm.

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