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Big News Of The WeekEdit

3.3.3 Is Bringing The Pain!Edit

It’s been a while since Blizzard made wholesale changes to the PvP system in WoW, and they’re about to do so again in the next patch 3.3.3. The constant drive to streamline PvP in terms of rewards and your ability to improve your character so that you can match up better with other players is taking a fairly sharp turn in this next patch, and it is hard to say how it’s all going to shake out.

Wintergrasp is getting adjusted again! Over on the forums, Zarhym wrote: “In the next minor content patch, we will be making some minor alterations to the way in which the internal balance system for Wintergrasp works in an attempt to better support realms with greater variations in the level of participation between the Alliance and Horde. Since we have never gone into much detail about how this hidden system currently works, we’d like to explain exactly how it will work in the next patch. Keep in mind that, although this information may feel very new to you, the actual changes being made in the patch to the current system are relatively minor.”

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Another Week, Another Blizzard Dev ChatEdit

Well, not exactly. Blizzard checked in with their third open developers interview this week, and we figured it might be fun to go over a few of the more interesting questions and answers.

We Want A 2-Person Rocket MountEdit

MMO-Champion thrilled us with the production of a graphic from the game that appears to be a flying mount in the shape of a mean-looking rocket, with two seats!

Town CryerEdit

Drop Of The Week

We Always Get Asked About The ChatroomEdit

Most every day, someone e-mails us or asks us in our forums, or Skypes one of us and says “How can I be a part of that chatroom you always refer-to during the live recording of The Instance?” Well we’ve decided to do this thing right here, right now!

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