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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Everyone Is Talking LFGEdit

The surprise of the holiday season has taken the WoW community into a level of play and discussion that we never anticipated. The cross-realm Looking For Group system launched with patch 3.3 only two weeks ago today has generated more interest and chatter than anything Blizzard has added to the game in years.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

My Kingdom For A Tank!Edit

If there is only one thing that the new cross-realm Looking For Group system has taught us, it is this: There are not as many tanks playing WoW as we wish there were. A DPS character who joins LFG is waiting on a healer and a tank. A healer who joins LFG is waiting on a tank to come along. A tank… waits for no one.

Icecrown Citadel Is Slow ModeEdit

If you’ve not yet gotten your raid team in to Icecrown Citadel, it looks like there is no important rush. According to every rumor we can lay hands on, the next wing of ICC will not open until at least Jan. 7. That means a full four weeks of clearing (or trials at clearing) the first wing of the place, with its four epic boss fights, before you even have a chance to continue.

Town CryerEdit

Anglachel of the Mug’thol server writes: I recently heard the episode where Randy made the claim that he didn’t know anyone who played a Death Knight tank as their main character, and seeing as I do just that, I thought I’d let you all know that such a thing does indeed exist. Death Knights as a whole seem to be rather hated by the other classes, but I find that for the most part tanks are so hard to come by that they’re loved no matter their class. Besides, no one holds AoE aggro quite like an unholy DK tank, and there’s something distinctly badass about standing toe to toe with a boss like Onyxia and beating on her with a giant two handed weapon. What makes a good DK tank and why do people hate Death Knights?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Your User Interface Is ShowingEdit

A long-time regular poster in The Instance forums named Cyan made a splash a couple of weeks ago with the revelation that he decided to put a lot of effort into producing what has become one of the best-looking UI setups we’ve ever laid eyes on. He’s calling it Coehl UI, and we can’t just keep it to ourselves and the few people who have stumbled across it in a thread in our forums. This thing looks sharp.

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