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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Blizzard Sells 10,000 Blizzcon Tickets In About 15 SecondsEdit

It was bound to be a quick ride, but we never dreamed it would be that quick. Blink and you missed it. Blizzard put their first batch of tickets to Blizzcon 2009 on sale Saturday morning via the Blizzard Store, and flexed the muscle of their new queue system for ticket sales, and it was like The Flash vs. Superman. Potential buyers of tickets got into a queue that was much longer than it needed to be to sell-out… in seconds. We were there.

If you didn’t get a ticket to Blizzcon, you might be able to win one from one of the many WoW fansites that Blizzard has set up for contests.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

The Equipment Manager Hits The SceneEdit

Version 3.1.2 of World Of Warcraft went live this week, and brought the Equipment Manager with it.
-This is also the patch that changed vehicle armor and damage to scale with your gear.
-And Lake Wintergrasp is now a weekly set of quests.
-Speaking of the Equipment Manager…

Back In My Day, We Hit Things With Sticks!Edit

We rarely, seldomly, only occasionally, almost never suggest that you visit the world of warcraft official forums. They’re bad for your health. But every once in a while, a thread comes along that makes the whole place shine. And that has happened just today, with a thread started by Reziel from the Bonechewer realms, entitled “/equip rose colored glasses”. Therein, he asks posters to do something very simple: “Tell a story for the new players that idealizes classic wow, and makes it sound like the best thing since sliced bread.” And the responses are classic.

Town CryerEdit

Troy L. writes:
I’ve been looking to get into RPing somewhere and was curious if you could point me to a website or somewhere which might help me a little bit with the basics of this. I enjoy WoW a lot but am looking to have a little bit different playstyle rather then just PvP PvE and ETC.

Drop Of The WeekEdit

It’s Like Water, Only Way, Way BetterEdit

In case you missed it, Mountain Dew went live this week with their World of Warcraft-themed Game Fuel extravaganza on the web. We kind of missed it. But no more missing! We’ve got the link for you to go register, pick a faction… scratch that… choose the Horde faction, and start earning points and, hopefully, win some prizes!

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