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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Patch 3.0.8 Trips And Falls Through The DoorEdit

As we record tonight, The United States Of America has a new President who has only been in office for a few hours and Blizzard has a bit of a mess on their hands that started a few hours ago with the release of patch 3.0.8 for World Of Warcraft. We’re experiencing and hearing about two big issues at this time:
-Lake Wintergrasp is crashing all of Northrend on some realms.
-Some players can now make a Death Knight on any realm, some cannot. Last week, we discussed the potential impact of new Death Knights on any realm, so this week, we decided to go in depth on changes to Lake Wintergrasp.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Don’t Forget That The Patch Wants To Improve Your ReputationEdit

One of the most-overlooked aspects of patch 3.0.8 may be just what the doctor ordered, if you’re at level 80 and looking to increase your reputation with lower-level factions. And you’re ill. Otherwise, why would you go to the doctor? Anyhow, taking down mobs that are grey to you now awards full reputation gains with an applicable faction, rather than a depreciated amount. So for those of you grinding out Argent Dawn rep or trying to save face with every goblin in the world because you just HAD to HAVE the title “Bloodsail Admiral”, your time to make amends has come.

Yeah, That +75 Stamina Enchant You Heard About? We Axed That.Edit

The rumor for the last couple of months was that Blizzard was introducing a weapon enchant to the game called Titanguard, with +75 stamina for those of you who need a whole sackfull more health on your… main hand. We can confirm that the Titanguard enchant was not added to the game with 3.0.8.

Town CryerEdit

All calls, and our scariest mashup ever, thanks to Darrell.

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Get Some More Experience Points

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