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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Armory Goes InvasiveEdit

The new WoW Armory went online on November 26th, leading to a storm of outcry over the level of character detail now being publicly published by Blizzard. Yesterday, Blizzard pulled back in response, taking out the wealth category from the armory, so that people cannot see how much gold your character has and has ever had.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Arena Season 5 Is ComingEdit

We touched on it in the last episode of The Instance, and want to take a minute to talk about it now – Arena Season 4 is totally closed in-game (the team creation vendors are even mute) and Season 5 starts on December 17. That’s exactly two weeks from today. There are, however, skirmish brackets available (71-75 and 76-80). Also, the rumor is that those of you who are getting Season 4 rewards will be getting them on Tuesday during maintenance. That’s Tuesday, December 9th.

More Dots. More Dots. Come On Dots.Edit

Blizzard Lead Encounter Designer Daelo posted an announcement yesterday on the official forums that the debuff limit on mobs has been removed. In case you never counted the dots, there was previously a limit of 40 debuffs that you could put on a single mob. Now, you could have thousands.

The Richard Bartle ‘Torture’ KerfuffleEdit

IncGamers ran a story last week that Bartle posted on his blog,, that he was upset by a quest in the Wrath Of The Lich King expansion. This caused all manner of debate online over the Thanksgiving holiday, and Bartle decided to post a follow-up to all of the opinion that he received because of the original post.

Town CryerEdit

Ferras writes:

Why is WoW so hot? I don’t get why WoW is so big. I am thinking about playing but i don’t understand what is so good about WoW.

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Coverville Goes For The Cash ValueEdit

We interview Brian and Tristan Ibbott, and find this useful website.

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