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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Wowhead Says WOTLK Talent Trees Are Fair GameEdit

This week, leading WoW database site Wowhead decided that enough time has passed since the Blizzard edict that unreleased content not be published by unofficial sources. It may have been quite recent, but there was a little get-together called the Worldwide Invitational since then, and Wowhead figured that with all the discussion of upcoming talent tree changes that took place at the WWI, the ban from Blizzard no longer has any teeth. So here you go.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Authenticators For Sale. Just Kidding. But Now They Are. Sold Out.Edit

When the Blizzard keygen authenticator went on sale two weeks ago, unprecedented demand led to a fully-expected sell-out. In the original batch, authenticators were still available at the Blizzard store on the afternoon of July 1st, when Randydeluxe purchased two. Since the sold-out status of the devices took hold the next day, however, it’s been anybody’s guess as to what you can do to get one.

Northrend Flying Mount Rumors Made OfficialEdit

Blizzard CM Bornakk entered a discussion this week on the WoW forums with a clarification of the current plan for your flying mount in the 2nd expansion content in WoW. And there’s the first detail – your current flying mount (or mounts) will be usable in Northrend. You’re just going to have to wait until level 77 to train skill level 425. And there’s also the matter of cost, but Blizzard hasn’t figured that out yet. Bornakk promises that it won’t be very high.

Someone Finally Listened To The Instance From Two Years AgoEdit

It’s been that long since we began calling for a Murloc plush doll with sound, and finally, it’s coming from No, it doesn’t look very plush, and yes, at current exchange rates it’s going to run near $50.00, but that’s not the point.

Town CryerEdit

Baldur from Scarlet Crusade writes:

I’ve been playing for quite a while now and only recently advanced a character’s Enchanting skill up to the near 300 range. The problem I’ve found is that when BC came out, Blizzard took many items that would have (pre-expansion) DE’d into Greater Eternal Essence and Illusion Dust and made them DE into the higher skill level Greater Planar Essence and Aracane Dust. Thus I’ve been having a hard time now (even though I’m now level 67) finding a good place (even if it means solo’ing pre-expansion instances) to get consistent drops that will DE into these to advance my skill.

Drop Of The WeekEdit

The Instance InterviewEdit


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