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Big News Of The WeekEdit

We Finally Have A Date, Now All We Need Is A LimoEdit

After months of silence, Blizzard has finally set the date for the release of Season 4 in the Arena PvP portion of WoW. On June 24 – that’s 12 days from now – Season 4 starts in all it’s glory. The new gear, called Brutal Gladiator, is coming with a twist – the pieces are not class specific, and for the first time, players running around on the arena floor will not be recognizable by class.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

Onion News Network Announces New WoW ExpansionEdit

World Of World Of Warcraft. Thanks to everyone who let us know the instant this hit the web.

Achievements In WoW: Coming To A Wrath Expansion Near You?

According to some screenshots posted over at, we can give some credence to the notion of ‘achievements’ coming with WoW version 3 late this year.

Town CryerEdit

Catamenia on the Hydraxis server writes:

I need to respec my hunter and I remember Scott talking about a build that was recommended to him by a guild member. Can you let me know the exact talent points for that build? Or can you recommend a build for me? I don’t raid yet. I do the daily quests and some grinding, and I am just now starting to do BG’s. Any advice would be appreciated.

Teli, 65 Hunter on Malfruion writes:

I’m currently level 65 on my way to 70, and much like Scott I’m sure I will have a lot of greens when I first turn 70. My guild is a small leveling guild, so there’s really no raiding going on. I’ve made some friends online in other guilds but I don’t want to ask to just be run through so I can get better gear. What’s the quickest way to replace my greens with some decent stuff so I don’t look like a total noob when I start to raid/PvP?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Interview With Todd McFarlane, Part 2

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