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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Last Player In The World To Hit 70 Finally Crosses Finish LineEdit

This week, an Orc Hunter on one of the US RP realms was the last player to have created a character before the expansion and finally hit level 70.

Rumors And ScuttlebuttEdit

When Are We Going To Get A New Cinematic From Blizzard?Edit

Huh? What’s the hold-up?Edit

Watch Nihilum Take Down Sunwell Plateau Live, AgainEdit

The famous guild Nihilum, from EU Magtheridon, has announced a 2nd live raid on the Sunwell Plateau, to be videostreamed in real time later this month. In Nihilum’s first run online like this a month ago, only 1,000 spots were available for viewers. This time, they will have a 3,000 viewer limit. The raid will take place on on June 25, 2008, at 1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Town CryerEdit

Fartsostank from the guild on the Blackhand server writes:Edit

I love your show and listen religiously every week. I also try and catch up on back episodes that I missed as I find time. I noticed last week that on iTunes you can only go back to episode #88 and I need to download episodes in the 30′s. I know I can log onto your website and upload each individual mp3 file, but it is much more time conuming than using iTunes. Will this be fixed?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Legislate Some PwnageEdit

Last week a story surfaced about Jeanne Stevens, a congressional candidate from Connecticut. Jeanne mentioned in a local newspaper that she plays World of Warcraft, and the story circulated throughout the blogosphere. Well, Wandering Goblin managed to get an interview with Jeanne, and it turned out pretty good. It seems Jeanne is truly an MMO-playing gamer, and she’s funny on top of that.

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