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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Worldwide Arena Tournament Closes Week 4Edit

After 4 weeks, the number one team is named “Slash Bark”, but currently only contains a priest who has won 13 out of 17 matches. Not bad. Our attention is drawn to the team in 2nd place on the leaderboard – “Eclipse”. Eclipse is made up of an undead Rogue, and undead Mage and and undead Priest. They’ve won 70% of their 225+ matches. Looking at the leaderboards, Mage/Rogue/Priest is the 3 person combo to have.

Rumors & ScuttlebuttEdit

Children’s Week Has BegunEdit

Get all the details here. Don’t forget to apply Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuits to your orphan!

Season 4 Arena Gear Revealed!Edit

Boubouille at MMO Champion has once again scooped the news, and revealed the Season 4 Arena Gear in its entirety. And with screenshots!

Town CryerEdit

Tim S. writes:
Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you had T-shirts for the AIE guild? I saw some in the forums in pictures and I would like to order one.

Hey Tim! Look here.

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Character Planning at ChardevEdit

It’s a Character Planning tool that allows you to start by importing your character from the WoW Armory into the tool, and then the fun begins. You can do anything with your character’s gear – give her enchants, gems, elixers… anything you want to test, and Chardev lists all your stats.

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