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Big News Of The WeekEdit

Naxxramas Confirmed for Northrend, Tier 3 Gear Going Bye-ByeEdit

Blizzard clarified this week that the hardest, most un-played dungeon in the game – before the first expansion – will be undergoing transplant surgery in the 2nd expansion. Naxxramas is moving to Northrend, leaving it’s place in the sky above Eastern Plaguelands, and getting encounters re-tuned to the levels that players will bring in. Furthermore, Blizzard CM Bornakk confirmed in a post on the WoW forums that Naxxramas would not exist in two places at once, meaning that Tier 3 gear will no longer be available for new acquisitions. If you don’t have any Tier 3 gear when the expansion moves the instance, you never will.

Rumors & ScuttlebuttEdit

Direct A Music Video For Level 70 Elite Tauren Cheiftans, Win PrizesEdit

Blizzard posted a sweet new contest this week. Create a music video using footage from World of Warcraft and the original song, “Rogues Do it From Behind” and submit it to us, via our submission page. Videos can be no bigger than 50 megabytes in size and must be recorded in .WMV, .MOV, or .AVI formats. The winning videos will be featured on the Blizzard website and the following prizes awarded:
* Three Grand Prize winners will each receive one Ipod Touch 8GB version.
* Five First Place winners will each receive one Logitech G15 keyboard, and one World of Warcraft Battlechest signed by the members of L70ETC.

Something Weird Is Going On At Diablo3.comEdit, which is not affiliated with Blizzard (as far as we can tell) other than in name and subject, put up a cryptic message this week that currently reads: “Seven: The number of days until half the web links to But why???” That means that is claiming that on May 1st, there will be a really strong reason to read what they have to say. What could it be?

Drop Of The WeekEdit

Science Conference To Be Held In WoW, And We Are ThereEdit

It’s the “Convergence of the Real and the Virtual”, The First Scientific Conference in World of Warcraft. This is a scientific conference to be held May 9-11, 2008, inside World of Warcraft, devoted to research on WoW and on virtual worlds in general. It was proposed by John Bohannon, who creates the Gonzo Scientist feature for the AAAS journal “Science.” The organizer is William Sims Bainbridge, a social and information scientist, also known as Catullus in the largest guild in the world – Alea Iacta Est! That’s right – this conference is taking place on our server – Earthen Ring!

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